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Looking for a specific level 4 merchant but refuse to spawn in random encounters? Then this mod is for you. The merchants that are included in random encounters can be found at the Dugout Inn.

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Level 4 Merchants Improved

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is no longer required.
If you are NOT using Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, you MUST download Level 4 Merchants Improved Patch in the optional files section together with the main file.

Looking for a specific level 4 merchant but refuse to spawn in random encounters? Then this mod is for you. The merchants that are included in random encounters can be found at the Dugout Inn, requirements see below. You can also craft a holotape (LVL4 Merchants Improved) in the chemistry station under utility section, use it to equip weapons/armor, remotely barter with the merchants or change options.


Q: What are the default requirements to recruit level 4 merchants?
*The requirements can be disabled in the holotape.

Population is the total population in your linked settlements. Level 3 store must be built and some quests needs to be completed.
If you already have all requirements met but recruit option isn't available try to:
1. By placing and storing the Level 3 store object in the workshop for the appropriate merchant several times (maybe around 20 times), then try to recruit.
2. Use the holotape to disable the requirements.

Vault-Tec rep = Population: 0 | Store: Trading emporium
Tina De Luca = Population: 0 | Store: Trading emporium | Quest: Hole in the Wall and Dependency
Anne Hargraves = Population: 0 | Store: Clothing emporium
Trader Rylee = Population: 10 | Store: Trading emporium
The Scribe = Population: 10 | Store: Armor emporium
Ron Staples = Population: 20 | Store: Restaurant
Doc Anderson = Population: 20 | Store: Surgery center
Smiling Larry = Population: 30 | Store: Weapons emporium

Q: Where can I find level 4 merchants?
Make sure to save before you recruit!
Some of the merchants have speech checks, make sure to pass it and do not select any other options, if not you won't be able to recruit them again. Once recruited, travel to the settlement and wait/sleep for some hours to make them show up, then assign them to a appropriate level 3 store.

Main purpose of this mod : The Scribe, Ron Staples, Doc Anderson, Smiling Larry can be found at the Dugout Inn.

These merchants are unaffected and stay at same place as vanilla location:

Vault-Tec rep : Hotel Rexford.
Tina De Luca : Vault 81.
Anne Hargraves : WRVR broadcast station.
*Trader Rylee : Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, if not recruited by the player during/after Mystery Meat quest is completed she will be found at the Dugout Inn.

Q: Will I still be able to encounter level 4 merchants in random encounters even with this mod installed?
A: Yes if you are lucky and haven't recruited them yet.

Q: I already recruited some of the level 4 merchants, will they be affected with this mod?
A: No, once you recruit them, they will stay at your settlement (with Patch) and you can use the holotape to equip weapons/armor, however if you used console commands to recruit them, then I can't guarantee anything.

Q: X merchant do not spawn?
A: Check show dead merchants in the holotape, if dead merchant will not spawn, check the fixes in the holotape or check if the patch is correctly installed.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X mod?
A: The main file does not change any vanilla records or scripts and should not have any compatibility issues with other mods,
the patch file does change few records and 2 scripts due to bugfixing.

Q: Why are merchants placed at the Dugout Inn?
A: Quote from Yefim: Not much to say. We sell food, drink, and rooms. Mainly for traders that come through the area.

Make a backup save.
Use your favorite modmanager and install, loadorder do not matter since this mod does not edit any vanilla records.
If this is your first time installing a mod make sure to create Fallout4Custom.ini in Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and add these lines (Vortex should add these lines for you in Fallout4.ini once you add Fallout 4 in the modmanager):


If you load up a save with your character in the Dugout Inn with this mod installed for the first time, re-enter to make the merchants spawn.

Just remove the old version and install new one.

If you have created a save with a mod installed then uninstallation is not supported, that mod is part of your save and uninstalling "may" cause issues on that save, you do so at your own risk. This is the reason why you must create a backup save in case you have to roll back.