Fallout 4
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Inspired by my play through of Metro Exodus, I felt that the base game left out a lot of the post war made weapons and mods you get to use in games like Metro. I set out to fix this.

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NOTE: THE STICK MAG IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS MOD. That can be found here and I highly recommend it.
Stick Mags by asXas

Inspired by my play through of the Metro series.

I was disappointed by the lack of cobbled post war weapons and decided to change that with a weapon I found fun to use, but severely lacking. I also find the Tommy Gun very aesthetically pleasing, so it was the perfect choice.

What this mod does is takes the Tommy Gun and turns it up to 10! This adds 4 new mods to the rifle that are designed to be end game mods that bring the gun up to end game standards. The mods require 4 Gun Nut, and 4 Science to craft and they require large quantity of scrap to make. The mods turn the Tommy Gun(Sub Machine Gun in game) into a combination Gas Propellant/Gauss .45 spewing beast of a machine, it's also compatible with legendary guns like the Spray and Pray.

There is a Gauss Barrel, Gauss Suppressor, Tactical Grip and Stock, and a new Tactical Reflex Sight that await you with this mod.

There will be some clipping with the wires using the standard drum mags that's unavoidable, and why I highly recommend the Stick Mags by asXas.