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Adds VIS-G compatible tags for Depravity with a new patch for turning Eden into a smoking hot half super mutant

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This esl-flagged esp adds tags for the following items in Depravity, for compatibility with VIS-G Item Sorting and DEF_INV:
  • Ingestibles
  • Ammunition
  • Books
  • Keys
  • Misc Items
  • Notes
  • Perks
  • Weapons

While not dependent on VIS-G or DEF_INV, using this patch without them will look a little strange when you open your Pip-boy. I deliberately left off tagging armor as the selection of icons is limited and, imho, does not properly cover describe the outfits without going full generic. (There are a lot of outfits! See the original mod for full credits from the various sources!)

NEW Features with version 2.2+
  • Keywords added to Concord gang outfits
  • Some Concord gang outfits added to new category in the armorsmith workbench

NEW optional file:  Eden as FHSM Patch!
Darklynxxx created the the lovely character Skadi - Female Half Super Mutant. However, by default Skadi doesn't talk much and her voice acting leaves much to be desired (sorry Darklynxxx! Still love your mod!).  Thuggysmurf, on the other hand, has created masterwork companions in Depravity, Outcasts and Remnants, and Project Valkyrie with great dialogues and features. Well, You can now use my patch to get the best of both worlds.

In the optional files I have included a patch which will transform Eden into a Half-Super Mutant and disable Skadi (you can edit the esp and remove the "intially disabled" flag if you want both companions and they will be twins!).  Eden was a talented knife fighter before (based on Vex, I think) and now she's a formidable tank.  Eden's stats, perks, and item loadout have all been changed to match Skadi's. Thuggysmurf enjoyed this patch enough that he will be posting a different version in a future update to Depravity which will only change Eden's appearance while keeping her stats and perks the same. 

Custom meshes are also available in the optional files as Skadi's bodyslide is difficult to manage without clipping. Starting with TWB's fit_slim preset and a couple hours of adjustments in Outfit Studio, I have produced a clean alternative with minimal clipping.  See the added screenshot. (Note: you pick the textures when installing the Skadi mod.)

Requirements for VIS-G Patch:
Armor Keywords

Requirements for Eden/Skadi Patch:
Skadi - Female Half Super Mutant