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A patch that rebalances several 3rd party weapon mods and integrates them to work with Lunar Fallout Overhaul.

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This is a patch mod that adds compatibility to several 3rd party mod weapons for use in my balance mod Lunar Fallout Overhaul. This patch removes a lot of extra features and rebalances both the stats and how the weapons show up in the game. I've tried my best to choose weapons which are lore friendly and/or fill a role which is lacking among vanilla weapon choices. All weapons can be legendary and have been hand placed in appropriate leveled lists. I will update the mod to fix any balance issues, but I do not have plans to add more weapons to this patch.


This is an all or nothing patch. It requires all of the weapon mods below (be sure to endorse their great weapon mods) and Lunar Fallout Overhaul. Load order should be Weapon mods, Lunar Fallout, then the patch.
Weapon List

10mm SMG:
This is a weapon that should have been in vanilla Fallout 4. It is the rifle counterpart to the 10mm pistol and is roughly a mid tier weapon. Not a very common weapon, but you will find them around.

Beretta M9-FS Pistol:
There is no lore counterpart to this weapon. However I felt there was a need for a low level .38 caliber pistol. I've renamed it the "Beretta .38" in game and changed the stats to reflect this. It's an early to mid game pistol that does slightly more damage than the pipe gun. Not particularly common among high level NPCs, but it's a better option than a pipe gun for some.

Crossbows of the Commonwealth:
I made a lot of changes to Crossbows of the Commonwealth. The crossbow crafting options are stripped down for realism and simplicity. Base damage is increased considerably and receiver upgrades are unlocked at gun nut 3 and 4 (and increase damage enough to hopefully keep it viable, or at least a threat). I've also converted the "short stock" to a "pistol stock" so that pistol users can take advantage of the weapon.
The weapon is primarily a low level weapon and mostly found on Raiders and Scavengers. However, with the higher damage receivers it might make for a fun stealth weapon option. Due to Lunar Fallout balance changes, this will be your first and only option for a silent ranged weapon early game.

Service Rifle:
This gun was a PAIN to tweak as it is configured quite differently than vanilla FO4 weapons. Some of the receiver types are more aesthetic than functional to keep the gun balanced (and keep my sanity). The weapon is highly customizable and should please a lot of players. Raiders start carrying "makeshift" .38 variants around level 15. At later levels you will start seeing prewar and better quality used by more organized factions.

Bullpup Bozar:
I tried to balance this as a higher level assault rifle. Typically only spawns on boss NPCs (past level 30 or so). It's function is more specific than the service rifle. At the very least it adds some variety to the assault rifle class.

That Gun:
That Gun in previous games used .223 ammo, which is close enough to 5.56 for me. Having a 5.56 pistol in the game rounds things off as it's damage output is between the 10mm and 44 and the ammo type is much more common. The original mod has an animation issue with the cylinder, but I believe this is the best version for FO4. The mod also had ammo conversions for multiple types, which I removed as I felt it was unnecessary in this case. I'm not real happy with the sights on this gun for gameplay purposes, so I tweaked it to be better at hip firing. I tried to keep this weapon fairly uncommon compared to other options NPCs might use.

Laserblade: Chance to spawn on Coursers around level 35 (in addition to their ranged weapons). High energy, low physical damage sword that looks sci-fi. It's a decent sword, but will likely be more of a trophy weapon since you can only get it by taking out a courser (and getting lucky).

Gravity Fist: Chance to spawn on Coursers (in addition to their ranged weapons). Low chance to spawn on synths. It's basically a modified power fist, but it looks like an institute weapon design. It does decent damage and two upgrades give it a modified version of the World Series baseball bat legendary effect; pushing of flying enemies back at random (doesn't count as a legendary effect, so will stack if you get a legendary gravity fist).