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Adds Mirelurks as a faction pack for Conqueror. When finished will have new Residential Plots, Martial Plots, and a system for the creation of every type of Mirelurk, Lurker, Hermit Crab, and Fog Crawler. As well as a quest line.

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Requires Version 4.1.1 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: Mirelurk

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: No
Decorations: No
Soundscape: No

Version 1.0 is up!

This Version now has the ability to recruit Mirelurk Softshells, Hunters, Kings, and Queens. It also has a custom flag. At this point the mod has all the basic functions and now simply needs to be expanded.

Future Plans:

My long term plan is to link all new units into Hatcheries, but for now they will be recruited as they are. Once the Hatcheries are in place I will have all types of Mirelurks count as special units, they won't rank up. All Mirelurks will be spawned from these and they will have branching paths. After I manage to get these built up I will have other types of optional Hatcheries for the Mirelurks added by DLC.

I plan to develop a quest-line that will unlock all of the different types of creatures and give you the different plot types. This will be an on going development, that will take time. I will also have a version that will be released without the story for those that just want the faction for how it can be used by conqueror, it will probably be non-playable so that it doesn't clutter your menu.

Hives: These will be new sea themed Residential Plots for your Mirelurks to sleep in.
Hatcheries: What type of plots these will be is currently undecided. When they are implemented it will overhaul how you get the different unit types. My hope is that they will allow you to hatch all of the different unit types from these Hatcheries, that they will be unlocked through the quest-line to give a progression for what units you can bring with you.
Burrows and Lures: These will act as martial plots that your Mirelurks and Lurkers can use, if they work properly your beasts will be able to burst out of the ground like you can see happen with wild versions.
Sea Farms: It was an idea brought up in the comments, but I will at some point design some oceanic designed agricultural plots.