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Old Howitzer Corporation, a multi-level facility guarded by the old world's National Guard who has gone hostile. Can you infiltrate the island's facility in an attempt to secure the workbench in the basement.

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Ricky Dalton here reporting that the old Howitzer Corporation Brickworks, off the coast of Fort Strong, has gone hostile. The remnants of the old world's "National Guard" have started shooting at Commonwealth citizens who make any attempt at visiting the island.

Everyone remembers the night the Minutemen helped the company salvage ordinance from Frot Strong so many years ago; this reporter suspects they're willing to use it on unsuspecting folks attempting to dock and trade. Word on the street is that some of the company has gone feral. Citizens are advised to use caution when in the area.

Those skilled in combat may be interested in the infiltrating the island's facility in an attempt to secure the workbench in the basement. Converting this facility into a working wasteland home would have some amazing advantages. The location is perfect for fast travel to commonwealth locations and the interior offers protection from radiation storms.

Combine all that with the inevitable traders and other wastelanders that will move in and you got some prime Commonwealth real estate. Last time I was there, the National Guard remnants had plans available that would show someone how to make several new and interesting items such as a working water cooler with no radiation side effects and a cooking grill. I'm sure they have many more.

Well, folks, that's all for old Ricky Dalton this time. Be sure to log onto my weather report terminal in a future mod called Dunwich heights.

Ricky Dalton, Railroad Tourist, Publick Occurrences Part-Time Reporter, Courier, Bassist, Weatherman, signing off.

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Credit to:
Me Victor Borisov

Ogre from Dunwich Builders
Website: http://dunwichbuilders.com/about

Late To The Fallout for testing out the mod
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCort7t40t_147EPDRJK4bxw/videos