Fallout 4
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Adds A Player Home Northeast Of The Nakano Residence

Permissions and credits

This Mod Adds a Player Home slightly northeast of the Nakano residence along the north beach stretch.
The Mod was made for one of my many game playthroughs. Normally I publish mods that are empty and left for the players own creativity and allow them to express their own stamp and style on the buildings presented. The traveller's bunker mod shows my main style of builds and my personal internal styling. I have made dozens of builds and player homes over the last few years and this is the last to be published before I finally bring a close to fallout 4.
The mods I have published will still be maintained for the foreseeable future and this particular mod will be updated. The home has lots of features and is heavily scripted and those who have lower spec machines may experience low FPS. A high powered machine will be needed to fully benefit from this home.
The home is built into the rocks and has two entrances both requiring expert lock picking, it is brick-based design and is not entirely lore-friendly.
The home features the following:

  • You can fast travel.
  • A full settlement with workbench.
  • You can dismiss companions or send settlers there.
  • Lots of custom assets and textures.
  • Fully decorated shelves and cupboards.
  • Working light switches for all rooms.
  • Skylights have a full day and night patterns including weather for the location its set in.
  • Auto opening and closing doors.
  • Working fireplaces.
  • Hidden wall safe
  • Showers and bath give charisma or health boost and the player and companion will be undressed when entering.
  • Custom Bath can have two people sat in it.
  • Optimised and cleaned in F04 edit.
  • Most things can be Scrapped if you so wish.
  • Fully navmesh for companions, dog meat and NPC's with idle and comment markers & sound effects. 
  • And many more.........

Important Notes.
There is a button that changes the mannequin genders in the armour room, please note all items must be removed from them
before changing the gender or you will lose all items stored on them. You have been warned...

Known and potential issues:
DLC Armor Displays have a reputation of randomly not spawning the first time a player enters the cell they are in. If this happens fast travel away and walk back to the cell should sort the issue. if it persists then use the workshop mode delete and respawn some more.
This is a base game issue potentially found in any mod that uses these items and is not exclusive to this one.

Bruce 142 for the animated toilet mesh
Ellenora for textures, bags, shoes and plants from her Chestnut Lodge player home mod.
All the other non-vanilla assets were made by myself.

Use the mod manager or install manually:
Extract the archive. It contains three files:
Place the files into your Data folder. Manually activate the mod.

Load Order:

Place as far down as you can.

This mod requires all the Fallout 4 DLC's

You are welcome to use/showcase my mods in your reviews, mod showcases, and Let's Play videos.
Please do not redistribute or alter this work without my permission.

Thank you for your interest in this mod.