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An attempt to recreate some of the weapon and ammo-related game mechanics from previous Fallout games for Fallout 4 while maintaining the latter's superior combat mechanics.

Initial Notes
- This mod uses scripts and could lead to problems if uninstalled mid-playthrough (something involving demons and silly string, I hear).
- Script source files are included and free to use for learning or deriving your own scripts from. They're not perfect by any means, but they work.

- Survival difficulty is recommended (but not required), since it's what I've balanced this mod for.

- I know it's a wall of text, but reading this description may be a good idea to avoid problems.


NOTE: This list includes everything enabled in the Full plugin. There are also modular plugins and a settings holotape for customization.

The master file (AmmoTweaks.esm) makes no changes to the base game, and works as a framework. As such, you're welcome to make your own variations to suit your personal tastes or make custom weapons compatible with the systems in this mod.

The plugins are my own set of customizations to the game using the things added in the master file.
- All .esp files are safe to merge using FO4Edit. The .esm is not. Don't rename the esm, its name is used in scripts (not to mention other plugins and archives depend on it... ).

I intend to make customization easier with an automatic patching script for FO4Edit and some proper directions in the near future.
The script still needs some work and will be released as soon as it stops doing stupid things based on my directions.

    Ammo/Attack Types
Most ammo types from Fallout 2 and New Vegas are in the current version, with more on the way in future updates. I've also added some ammo types that should be lore-friendly to fill in some of the gaps in the game's ammo and weapon tiers.

Each ammo type has variations (such as AP, HP, JHP, etc) that can be swapped between at any time using the [Swap Ammo] consumable item.
Each ammo type and variation has a corresponding amount of armor penetration.
- This is accomplished using the same method as the default armor piercing weapon mods - changing the current target's damage resistance values.

Most weapons have had adjustments to their damage values to balance this. (check the Docs\ folder for stat changes to all weapons)

- The full list and descriptions of their effects is available in the Docs folder (Stats_AmmoTypes.txt) :
- .223 Caliber, .338 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .45 LC, 9x19mm, .45-70 Caliber (replaced if Far Harbor is installed), 7.62x39mm (replaced if Nuka-World is installed), 7.62x51mm, 7mm (minigun), 20 Gauge shell, Institute Energy Cells

The same system is applied to melee weapons to allow switching between attack types.
- Swing, Thrust and Sweep are currently implemented, and I intend to add Throw in an update to get the full variety of Fallout 1 and 2 attacks.

Mines and grenades can explode when damaged.

    Weapon Condition (can be toggled on/off)

All ranged and melee weapons have 'health' and can break with use. Weapon Workbenches can be used to repair them or improve them beyond 100%.
Different ammo and attack types degrade weapons at different rates. Crafting perks also affect the amount of condition subtracted per shot. (-5% per rank of Gun Nut, Science!, or Blacksmith)
When a weapon's condition reaches 0, it is autmatically unequipped and cannot be re-equipped until it is repaired. An option to destroy them when broken exists in the holotape.

- Ballistic weapons and launchers lose range and value, and gain recoil as they deterioate.
- Energy weapons lose damage, ammo capacity, range, and value, and gain recoil.
- Melee weapons lose damage and value.

    Armor Penetration Tweaks

All weapons now have armor penetration values based on the ammo they use (both caliber and variation are factored in).
This adds a greater emphasis on picking the right weapon and ammo types for different situations. While I've based these values on information on ballistics available on the internet, I'm not focusing on combat realism, but rather tweaking the existing balance of the game to be more in line with previous games in the series.

    Projectile Tweaks

Ballistic projectiles now have velocity and are influenced by gravity.
Velocity is based on actual statistics derived from muzzle velocity and force (and converted to Fallout's units). Gravity is not, so bullet drop is probably not accurate (but it's there! :D )

    Ammo/Explosives Crafting

An ammo crafting system using the standard crafting bench menus is included. New components based on Fallout New vegas and research are used in all recipes.
3 new workbenches can be found in the workshop menu's Crafting category: (no custom meshes for them yet, TBD in a future release)
- Reloading Bench - recipes for Ballistic ammo
- Recharging Bench - recipes for Energy ammo
- Explosives Workbench - recipes for Explosive ammo, mines and grenades.

An option exists to alter or disable the amount of standard XP gained while crafting ammo. Standard crafting perk requirements can also be disabled using the configuration holotape.

Different powders required for ammo and explosives can be crafted at Chemistry Stations. Casings, drained cells and primers can not be crafted.
Casings can be obtained by firing weapons or buying Ammo Boxes. The chance to obtain casings per shot is affected by the ammo type, your Luck and your Agility.

    Visual Tweaks

All new ballistic ammo types use new custom meshes for their cartridges, casings and (VATS) projectiles. The meshes and materials are pretty optimized and should not affect performance negatively.
I intend to replace the default box meshes with lore friendly alternatives in a future update.

Projectiles now use a performance-friendly single properly sized, glowing sprite when not in VATS.
- There are currently no tracers, but projectiles are still visible (just very fast and small in some cases). I plan to add tracers as an option in the future.

Muzzle flashes have been replaced with a greater variety of higher detail effects based on existing vanilla machine gun muzzle flashes.

Several explosions were also tweaked. Frag and missile explosions have a higher radius. Plasma and Pulse explosions create appropriately colored light.

    Throwing Weapons (distribution can be disabled during initial setup)
Added several thrown weapons inspired by the older games and unused thrown weapons from Far Harbor (if installed)
Dynamite Stick, Throwing Knife, Rock, Baseball, Flare
Far Harbor restored throwing weapons: Saw Blade, Harpoon, Electrified Harpoon, Explosive Harpoon, Switchblade

    Ammo and Item Distribution
(can be disabled during initial setup)

New shipment items have been added for the new components.

Bulk Ammo Box items have been added to vendors. A cheat is also available that will let you craft them for free.
- These boxes contain 50 rounds of the labeled caliber. Random chance will affect the amount of special rounds and casings obtained instead of standard rounds.

Most ammo in Loot and vendor lists is affected by the chance options in the configuration holotape (Full or modular LeveledLists esp only).

If DLCs are found, their ammo and weapons can be optionally distributed to the Commonwealth (via script).

    Unique Weapons for Followers (can be disabled by using modular plugins)

Follower weapons have been tweaked to use standard ammunition and be usable by the player.
Each follower's weapon has a unique name based on unique weapons from previous games and Fallout Shelter.

    Robot, Vertibird and Turret Weapon Tweaks (can be disabled by using modular plugins)

Turrets have been updated to use more ammo types and damage values for all mechanical characters' weapons have been boosted.

    Robot, Vertibird, Deathclaw and Turret Armor Boost(can be disabled through the holotape)

The holotape includes settings to boost the damage resistance values of Mechanical enemies, Vertibirds, Deathclaws, and Power Armor. (compatible with everything, enabled by default).

    Weapon SPECIAL Restrictions (can be disabled through the holotape)

Larger weapons require Strength to equip, and energy weapons require Intelligence.

    Tweaked Settings

Changes have been made to the following GameSettings if using the Full plugin or the optional Settings plugin:
- descriptions are included in case you want to edit these.
    fGunShellLifetime : 60.0
        - Visual tweak
        - increases the amount of time it takes before an ejected shell casing is deleted.
        - can decrease performance if set to crazy levels, 60 seconds seemed rational.
    fProjectileMaxDistance : 65536.0000 (default: 32768.0000)
        - the distance at which projectiles either stop affecting things or get deleted.
        - makes rifle ammo range more reasonable.
    iMaxAttachedArrows : 8 (def 3)
        - allows more throwing weapons and railway spikes to stick out of enemies.
        - could affect performance if you overdo it with throwing weapons.
    iProjectileMaxRefCount : 32 (default 15)
        - I'm not sure about this one, but it seems to affect the amount of visible projectiles.
        - There's probably more going on in the background.
        - It doesn't seem to affect performance much, if at all, so I'm keeping it on :)

    HUD Widget for Ammo Type and Condition
(automatically enabled, can be toggled on/off)
Thanks to HUDFramework by registrator2000, I've been able to add a hud display.
This mod will automatically detect if HUDFramework is installed and switch from displaying things as messages to a condition bar/icon and a text display for Ammo Types if found.

Condition can be displayed as either a bar or an icon that changes color.

The bar is currently designed to fit with the style of the standard HUD.
- I plan to add more themes and the ability to move/scale the widget in the near future.

    Help Menu Entries

Several entries have been added to the Help section in the Pause menu.

    (Experimental!!!) Throwing Weapon Launcher

Something I'm testing that allows equipping and throwing mines/grenades like standard weapons.
!!! Not fully functional, just a proof of concept for now !!!
- If you're curious, it can be crafted from Reloading Benches  - named [Throw]
- VATS targeting doesn't work properly yet. It's treated as a melee weapon, so don't try it if you haven't saved in a while...

NOTE: You're welcome to extract the ba2 archives if you want loose files, but I can't recommend it.

- Simple method: Use a mod manager and follow the installation script's instructions. Not tested on anything besides NMM.

- Manual Method:
    1. Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\0 - Core' to your Data directory

    2a. (full installation) - Requires DLCs: Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka-World
        - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\00 - Full' to your Fallout4\Data directory.
        if using Valdacil's Item Sorting - Junk and/or Ammo)
        - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\10 - Compatibility\0 - VIS\0 - Full' to your Data directory.
         if you want slower VATS projectiles
        - extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\20 - Optional\0 - Slow VATS Projectiles' to the Data directory.

    2b. (Modular installation)
        A. Main plugins:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\0 - Main\0 - Base' to your Data directory.
            - If you have the DLCs, extract the contents of their corresponding folders to your Data directory.
            - Patches for Valdacil's Item Sorting can be found in 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\10 - Compatibility\0 - VIS\0 - Full'.
        (everything past this point is optional)
        B. Melee Weapons plugins:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\5 - Melee Weapons\0 - Base' to your Data directory.
            - If you have the DLCs, extract the contents of their corresponding folders to your Data directory.
        C. Mines and Grenades:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\1 - Explosives\0 - Base' to your Data directory.
            Or (if using Valdacil's Item Sorting)
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\10 - Compatibility\0 - VIS\0 - Modular\3 - Mines Grenades' to your Data directory.
        D. Turret, Robot and Vertibird Weapon Tweaks:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\2 - MechEnemiesWeaps\0 - Base' to your Data directory.

        E. Follower Weapon Tweaks:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\3 - Follower Unique Weapons\0 - Base' to your Data directory.
            - If you have the DLCs, extract the contents of their corresponding folders to your Data directory.
        F. Loot and Vendor Distribution Tweaks:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\01 - Modular\4 - Leveled Lists\0 - Base' to your Data directory.
        G. GamSetting Tweaks:
            - Extract the contents of 'ModFiles\1 - Plugins\20 - Optional\1 - GameSettings' to your Data directory.

    3. Activate the plugins using your preferred method.

- Suggested Load Order -
    * = optional
    1. Full installation

        AmmoTweaks.esm - place anywhere after DLCs and before esp files. Nothing is overriden, so the position makes no difference.
        AmmoTweaks_Full.esp - place after anything that affects ammo, weapon forms and loot / vendor ammo leveled lists.
        * AmmoTweaks_SlowVATSProjectiles.esp - place anywhere, it only overrides custom projectiles from the esm
        * AmmoTweaks_VIS_Full.esp - if using Valdacil's Item sorting. place after VIS plugins for ammo and mod items and AmmoTweaks esps.
    2. Modular Installation
        * DLCRobot.esm
        * DLCCoast.esm
        * DLCNukaWorld.esm

        AmmoTweaks.esm - place anywhere after DLCs and before esp files. Nothing is overriden, so the position makes no difference.
        AmmoTweaks_Base.esp - place after anything that affects ammo or weapon forms.
        * AmmoTweaks_DestrMinesGrenades.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_MechNPCWeapons_Base.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_FollowerWeapons.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_DLC1Automatron.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_DLC3FarHarbor.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_FollowerWeaponsFH.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_DLC4NukaWorld.esp
        * AmmoTweaks_FollowerWeaponsNW.esp

        * AmmoTweaks_SlowVATSProjectiles.esp - place anywhere, it only overrides custom projectiles from the esm
        * AmmoTweaks_LeveledLists.esp - place after anything that affects loot / vendor ammo leveled lists.
        * AmmoTweaks_Settings.esp


New Game Start
- Setup prompts will appear once you've picked up the Pip-Boy (or advanced past that point in the quest for alternate start mods compatibility).
Mid Game
- Setup prompts will appear when the game is loaded.

- If you choose not to automatically obtain (or lose) the [Swap Ammo] items and Configuration Holotape, new ones can be crafted at a Munitions Workbench.
- New crafting benches can be built from the Workshop menu's Crafting category.
- Assign the [Swap Ammo] item to a hotkey/quickslot. (Hint:) '2' is in an easy to reach position and is the key used in Fallout New Vegas.
- Using the [Swap Ammo] item will cycle your weapon to the next ammo type (regardless of the amount of corresponding ammo you have)
- the [Swap Ammo Alt] item is for unique weapons that refuse to work with the [Swap Ammo] item.


- Most unique weapons won't allow swapping ammo types or changing condition mods in real time using the default [Swap Ammo] item.
    - Using the item named [Swap Ammo Alt] will allow swapping ammo/attack types for these weapons.
        - This alternate method has the drawback of sometimes picking one of your weapons of the same type at random if you have more than one weapon of the same type.
        - The only way I've seen to get around using multiple items for this requires F4SE so it will probably be optional once implemented.
    - condition will update when these weapons are unequipped or equipped.

- The hud widget will sometimes display a weapon's condition as broken when it's not.
- The hud widget is placed awkwardly when using power armor for now.


- This mod (like all mods) is not created or supported by Bethesda Game Studios or Zenimax. If you have issues, contact me; don't annoy the developers of the game.
- Special thanks to GuineanWarlord and Fangoriously for lots of awesome feedback and suggestions :D

- Note on Scripts:
This mod contains a lot of scripting, which I've tried to keep as light as possible. You may see an increase in save file size since each weapon has to save its condition somewhere. The scripts attached to weapons are only locked while they are equipped by a player, so they should not interfere with cleanup operations.
The fact that all weapons have a script attached to them could make uninstallation of this mod problematic, so BACK UP YOUR SAVES if you care about them.

- Note on Compatibility:
Since each weapon has a script attached to it, anything editing weapon forms is probably not compatible without a patch. I can't realistically provide patches for every mod out there, and feel that many of them will mess with the balance intended by this mod, so I'll leave patching with your favorite weapon overhaul up to you. That said, it can be pretty entertaining to mix and match mods :D
If Valdacil's Item Sorting (Weapons) is automatically detected on installation, this mod will use altered naming rules.

- The optional DLC plugins are a good starting point if you are trying to make weapons compatible.
    - I'm working on a script for xEdit that will automate this and will include it once it's working properly.

- Some ammo objects are included but not enabled. Their artwork and/or stats are unfinished, and they will be enabled on a future release.
    - they can't be found in the game for now.
    - unfinished types: .22LR, .44 Special and .38 Special subtypes, 5.45x39mm, Electrified and Exploding Harpoon Gun ammo

        Tools Used

Creation Kit, FO4Edit, Blender, GIMP, Outfit Studio, NifSkope, Material Editor, Notepad++, FlashDevelop, Vectorian Giotto, ffDec