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10 medium-long simplistic hairstyles that use vanilla textures.

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This is my first mod working with meshes! yay!
I made these hairstyles because I wanted something more simplistic and less voluminous in contrast to the more complex options available.

This pack includes 10 hairstyles,
"Undercover," "Blue Betta," "Medium Half-Up," (and an alternative version,) "Crownguard,"
"Baby Wolf," "Rogue Talisman," "Uncover Me Now," "Back of the Moon" and "Say Goodnight."
They are physics-enabled, use vanilla materials, and all of them use the soft transparent hairlines from vanilla hairstyles.

was a video necessary? absolutely not! but i made one anyway. happy 2.0.

RECOMMENDED MOD: Oni's vanilla hair re-texture
This mod adds fine wisps to the hair texture. it's very "vanilla plus," and I made the hairstyles while taking into consideration the UV mapping to compensate for the extra hair. The screenshots and 3d renders were made with this mod enabled. There won't be issues without it, but it will look different.

things i'd like to add/change later on:
  • Hat compatibility  certain styles have it, some don't due to 3DS Max crashes
  • more conversions for males
  • more hairstyles
  • smoother weight painting: learned the hard way that the current version of outfit studio doesn't export cloth bones properly in an .fbx so the weighting had to be done in outfit studio itself rather than blender (if anyone knows a way to let outfit studio export those bones correctly please let me know!)

other details:
  • Realistic Hair is compatible- it's up to your preference. Medium Half-Up and Blue Betta in particular will look very different due to the thicker strands.
  • the hair clips through the back/shoulders- this is just a flaw of the cloth bone collision system, there is no documentation on how to change this
  • in certain poses the bangs will clip through the face- again, nature of having 'tighter to the head' styles with the current physics.

...The hairstyles were made through blender and outfit studio, with a workflow of:
blender > .obj > outfit studio > .nif
hat compatible ones; blender > .obj > outfit studio > .nif > .obj > blender (reshaping) > outfit studio > .nif > 3DS Max > .nif

Blue Betta, Undercover, Uncover Me Now and Back of the Moon were done entirely from scratch. For Baby Wolf I used "Wendy the Welder" as a base, Crownguard uses "Summa Laude," and Half-Up uses "Young at Heart" with "Agent X." Rogue Talisman was inspired by Tallis from Dragon Age 2. Say Goodnight inspired by a certain pop star that may be very obvious or not