Fallout 4
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HD textures for armor and clothes in Far harbor, Automatron and Nuka.

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Hi long time no see. This is HD clothes and armor for DLC ( Not Vanilla ). The esp flagged as esl so you can sort it on your mod manager.
I never find good armor and clothes for DLC that suit my taste so better i make it myself. I share here because maybe you need it too. 

All DLC finished except Vanilla. Still not finish because too many. So this mod will cover Far harbor, Nuka and Automatron. All clothes and armor finished including Robot armor.

Why Vanilla ? why not alter the looks ? not more dirty or cleaner ?
I'm fine with vanilla but i need true detail. Recolor, more dirty, more rusty, more smelly or anything " more " kind useless to me without detail. I don't like the idea make something more dirty, cover it with dust and rust...then call it HD.
Like skin. Detailed skin for me talking about Skin Pores, Wrinkles, ect. Not cover our face with mud or deathclaw's poop then call it Super Ultra HD 8K face.

This mod not 4k and i guess no need 4k at all. I mixed the resolution. Some of them 2k, some of them 1k. The goal is to replace our default Dlc outfit with High Quality one. Even higher detail than HD DLC official.