Fallout 4
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Allows you to sneak up behind any non-essential ghoul, human or synth and execute them, using paired animations based on equipped weapon type, provided you have SNEAK 01 and MISTER SANDMAN 01.

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Stealthy Takedowns (v1.6)

Allows you to sneak up behind non-essential, non-power armor equipped, NPCs of HUMAN, GHOUL or SYNTH varieties, and based upon your equipped weapon, silently take them down via paired kill animations appropriate to equipped weapon type.

You require SNEAK level 01 and MISTER SANDMAN level 01 in order to access this skill. Once you have these two perks, simply sneak up behind a qualifying NPC, remaining undetected and you will see an option to perform a STEALTHY TAKEDOWN. When you do this, the kill is attributed to you and may signal others around as to the death.

However, when you reach SNEAK level 04, you enter into enhanced stealth mode when sneaking and you will no longer make make noise, per detection rules, and the death will not be attributed to you.

This mod does NOT require Mod Configuration Menu, however, if you use this mod, there is an included MCM that allows you to enable or disable stealth mode on-screen notifications.

This mod really improves your in-game life when used in conjunction with my custom made survival mode Advanced Needs.

This mod is based on functions within RSE II: Combat Surrender and Abductions and has been spun out into it's own micro mod. This mod, Stealthy Takedowns is RSE II CSA aware and will block Stealthy Kills when the player is found to be in an abduction state, to prevent function overlap and breakage of the RSE II scripted events in Player Abductions.

If you are a Crime And Punishment user, do not install this mod as it has been incorporated natively into CAP.

There is now a version in the FILES TAB, under MISC FILES, that requires Mod Configuration Menu and the Knockout Framework. This particular version of the mod allows you to toggle between KILL and KNOCKOUT, in real-time, via a hotkey, defined in the Stealthy Takedowns MCM.

And finally, thanks to one and all for making this mod so successful and getting it onto the front page HOT FILES! Appreciated, truly!

Thanks for these review videos! I truly appreciate it! :)