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Clean and safe player home.

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NEWS: Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time since my last activity, but I just lost interest in FO4. I would like to thank everyone for your support and endorsements. I have decided to finally publish the mod for PC (on Bethesda.net) and allow everyone interested to develop the mod further. I only ask to be named as a developer. I am happy if this mod thereby lives on.This mod is designed for PS4 as no external assets are allowed.

Welcome to Vault X-01, your new player home! -> Please rate!

FAQ: Where can I find the vault? / Where is the map marker?
Answer: You can only fast travel. The map marker is above Spectacle Island (on the sea).
On Survival fast travel is allowed to certain locations (see below).

FAQ: I'm stuck in the teleporter room - what can I do?
Answer: There is an "iris scanner" in shape of a lamp on the right side of the laser grid. Just click/activate it and the laser grid opens.

Please also read the known bugs/issues list at the bottom.

What does this Player Home offers?

- clean furnished player home with workshop
- clean/empty independent basement with workshop
- everything in the vault and the basement is static!
- follower and settler friendly

FO4edit cleaned : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2737/

- all crafting stations (incl. robot workbench)
- large display area with lots of weapon racks, mannequins and power armor displays
- two follower quarters
- workshop storage access points from different spots of your vault and your basement
- first aid bed (heals HP, addictions, crippled limbs, radiation etc.)
- Nuka Cola display racks
- vendor robot (sells scrap and all kinds of ammo)
- Fish Tank
- send settlers/followers to and from the vault and the basement
- set up trade routes to and from the vault and the basement
- Map Marker for CW, Far Harbour and Nuka World
- (Survival) Fast travel to Vault X-01 and all settlements (also DC, Goodneighbour, Factions HQs etc.) is enabled (doesn't affect your game in any other way)

All versions for PC / XB and PS are identical.

Known bugs/problems:

- the vault access point is displaying a crafting menu, this won't ever work and can't be changed without scripting, just ignore it
- I can't add any sorting scripts (mod is designed without external assets)
- some lights may disappear but they reappear after reloading the cell (FO4 bug)
- any mod that changes the fast-travel formlist for survival may conflict with this mod
- the power armor display is placed really close to the wall (because optics)
-> I recommend not to enter the power armor frames, just take the armor pieces you want to display and put them on the frames
- (Fallout 4 bug) the robot workbench and/or the mannequins sometimes disappear when loading a save after reloading the title screen (because of mods) -> just restart the game, sometimes the DLC's do not load properly
- (Fallout 4 Bug) Strong and Codsworth refuses/can't be assigned to a job properly (the animations won't start/run)
- (only survival) if you have an empty bottle in your inventory the first aid bed is displaying the option of fill up a bottle with water
-> this can't be changed because I needed to use an ingame script
- some fruits in the hydroponics are static and can be scraped. It is intended that only one fruit per species can be harvested.
- some ammo shells sticking trough their package, this is a problem with the mesh file and can't be changed without external assets