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Balances the guns contained in Doombased's weapon pack.

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Do you want to add more weapons to your fallout 4 experience but are worried that they will be blatantly overpowered?

Well fear not this is the mod for you. This uses Doombased's weapon merger mod pack to add more guns to the commonwealth. But in my opinion some of those guns are way too powerful. So this mod balances those guns which feel a bit too good so that they are still more than usable but not overpowered. I would also recommend installing equilibrium-weapons balance which balances the base weapons in the game. I balanced my tweaks slightly taking this mod into account. I will update this balance mod with my personal experience if any other guns from the mod need to be balanced or if anyone has requests. Should work with existing saves.

Be aware that using this mod adds the requirement of owning the Nuka-world dlc.

Full credit to Doombased and his amazing weapon mods for making the mods I am balancing.

List of changes:

Catalyst AAS
Base ammo capacity 8 -> 6
Base damage 60 -> 40
Range 71 -> 59
Accuracy 48 -> 37

So the biggest problem with the catalyst was that it has such high accuracy and long range. Significantly higher than both other base shotguns. That coupled with a higher base damage than the combat shotgun made this so much better than the other two vanilla options. Arguably better than the two other shotguns from the weapon pack as well. So reducing its damage, accuracy, and range meant that it was still significantly more accurate and had a longer range than the other two shotguns but wasn't strictly better. It still performs as a longer range semi-auto shotgun. These are also just the base stats which can still be increased through modifications.

I also modified the barrel upgrade since the only thing it did before was increase the damage now it just returns the range and accuracy back to what they were before I lowered them giving it an actual purpose.

Finally I modified two of the ammo changes that the shotgun has.

Slug rounds
-Increases shotgun's range and accuracy

Explosive rounds
-Has decreased range.

Slug rounds used to only give a slight damage boost in return for only shooting one projectile now they give better range and accuracy which means they are actually useful. I decreased the range of the explosive rounds since there was no other downside they just gave straight damage now they do lower the range.

Base damage 73 ->  65
Default ammo type 5mm -> 7.62

So the Fal. It had insanely high base damage considering it was using one of the weakest base rounds in the game that you find in bulk. So that left two options either make it deal very little damage or change which round it used. I went for the latter since I felt that it shouldn't be a pea shooter. So now it uses 7.62 from the Nuka world dlc. It can still be converted to .308 version though. I also lowered the damage as even with the ammo change it would still do more base than any other rifle in the game. I didn't make any changes to the special version though ;)

Base damage 42 -> 40
Default ammo type 10mm -> 5.56

Oh boy the VSV. With an original ammo type as 10mm that made it leaps and bounds more powerful than any other 10mm weapon. Not to mention it is a rifle so I changed it to using a base ammo of 5.56. I did slightly lower its damage as well to better fit with other 5.56 weapons. I also made it so that when converted to using .38 rounds it does even less damage.

Glock P80
Base damage 33 -> 20

The glock was in much the same position as the VSV. It dealt significantly more damage than any other 10mm. So I changed it to be slightly weaker than the Deliverer but still stronger than the base 10mm pistol. I felt that a unique pistol that you have to do a fair amount of side quests to acquire should be more powerful than a gun that just normally drops.

Chiappa Triple Threat
Explosive round range decrease

I changed explosive rounds also for the Triple Threat to be consistent with all the others.