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  1. kinggath
    • premium
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    I'm sure anyone looking at this is wondering 2 things:

    1. Should I download this? 2. Is it going to cause any problems with Sim Settlements?

    As Jonnan describes, this is great for City Plan designers, but players should specifically avoid it.

    From looking through it, the idea is that you select these building plans for the plots you want a random building plan in your City Plan. Since the player won't have them installed, Sim Settlements will be forced to pick a new plan for players at random for those plots. That way you can have a small subset of your plots work well with Designer's Choice without having to pick EVERY plan.

    Very clever idea!
    1. MrCruelJohn
      • premium
      • 370 posts
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      ^^^^^^^^^^^ This.

      Very clever! I saw this an thought, wow! I hope much success for this. Keep it going!

    2. AltaSilvaPuer
      • supporter
      • 49 posts
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      Oh, wow, I get how this works, now. VERY clever, indeed!! Bravo, Jonnan!!

    3. Jonnan
      • supporter
      • 137 posts
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      Well - Thanks! As a mature and self-actualized adult my childish need for the approval of cool people is in no way ridiculously happy about this - {Grin}.