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  1. SkittlesDX
    • supporter
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    Any ideas as to why this wouldn't be working? Using it in conjunction with https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39654. This mod is being loaded after that one, as per your directions.
    1. Cthorthu
      • member
      • 373 posts
      • 46 kudos

      At low levels, super mutants spawn with pipe guns and hunting rifles. If you install a mod that replaces this weapons, and the new weapons have animations not compatible with super mutants, that green friends go to try kiill you with his bare knucles.

      Besause of this, I'm going to make a new version of this mod. The new version will cover all super mutants' weapons:
      Pipe guns >> Super Mutant Gun
      Assault rifle >> Super Mutant Rifle / Super Mutant Machine Gun
      Hunting Rifle >> Super Muntants Bolt Action Rifle
      Láser gun >> Super Mutant Laser

      Thus, all super mutants' weapons will be "standalone" and we will can replace all weapons without removing their weapons.
    2. Veekz
      • member
      • 331 posts
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      Was also wondering about the same thing, thanks for explaining! Will be waiting on the update then
    3. Cthorthu
      • member
      • 373 posts
      • 46 kudos
      Check new version (!):
      Super Mutant Weaponry
  2. villings
    • member
    • 1,485 posts
    • 32 kudos
    this is genius!
  3. Ardent117
    • member
    • 1,723 posts
    • 241 kudos
    good idea, this is really useful with the modern weapon replacers e.g. ru556. thank you!