Fallout 4
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This is a Settlement Transfer of Sommerville Place. giving it a slight hillbilly feeling.

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The're is sure no place like home and even though their's only enough power for one build'n we'd be happier then a Mirelurk at sea.
No sir there is almost no power here but we gots plenty of pow'r and plenty of oil for our lamps and as sure as rad storms turn green we got plenty of food to go around.
Not to mention we gots a robot guard that keeps us safe at night. We call em' Wyatt.
So come on down to Somerville and join us for a spell.

I left this transfer small on purpose. there is limited defenses and the original i used alternate water sources that is no longer around. so you will have to put defenses up and probably water sources too.
I built enough for 21 people to live in this settlement but there is plenty of room for more building.
Use Extended Settlements.