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Adds a New, Fully Functional Settlement to your game. Its all up to you what you are going to do with CAMP COCHITUATE! Happy camping!

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Hello everyone, TU3SD4Y here. And welcome to my newest mod. CAMP COCHITUATE!
This will be the settlement  where none other than SarDeliac and I will be building for our collaboration project. 
So if you havent allready, Subscribe to my Youtube channel! And ofcourse to SarDeliacs channel aswell. Links are down below at the end of the Modpage.

CAMP COCHITUATE is a Custom Settlement Location. It will work just like any other vanilla settlement in the game. Its just at a new location.
You can find it just right of Lake Cochituate, close to the Mass Pike Interchange. 
Upon arrival you can claim the workshop.

And from there its up to YOU what you want to do with it.
Turn it into a trading hub, a BoS outpost or maybe you want it to be your own personal settlement. Its all up to you what you are going to do with CAMP COCHITUATE! Happy camping!

Nothing. No mods. No DLC. This mod doesnt need anything else but Fallout 4 itself.

Yes ladies and gentleman. This mod is also available for The Xbox.
Link to Bethesda.net down below:

CAMP COCHITUATE - Custom Settlement Location [XBOX]

Wanna see me build some stuff? From a Post Office to a Toy Store. A Player Home to a Razorgrain Farm. You can see it all on  my Youtube Channel.
And ofcourse the Collaboration Project between SarDeliac and I where we will be building at this very settlement!