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Brings a bit of (IMO) balance to the minigun.

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Hello! I can't help but feel that the vanilla minigun in Fallout 4 is underwhelming. Suffering from poor damage (compared to the Gatling Laser) and accuracy, the weapon feels largely useless once the GL is aquired. This mod is aimed at well.. improving it. By extension this does mean that the Minigun will be better than before. However this is intended to be a balanced improvement when compared to other heavy weapons.

I am thinking about doing similar balance changes to all other "heavy" weapons. GL, Fat Man, Missile. Let me know your thoughts!

-Made with FO4Edit-

Current Features: (Version 3)
  • Removed spin up. Note: Barrels ONLY rotate while firing now.
  • Base damage is 11
  • Accuracy tweaks. Hipfire is extremely accurate compared to vanilla, aimed fire is slightly improved over the new hipfire.  Special thanks to Servalion for his mod here, on which this change is based.
  • TriBarrel RoF tweaked based on feedback from V2a, still lower than vanilla.
  • TriBarrel DMG is the same as V2a, possibly overpowered with accuracy changes and increased RoF.
  • Magazine holds 1,000 rounds. (May change in future, feedback welcome.)
  • AWKCR compatibility built in, and is set to master. AWKCR IS REQUIRED.
Planned Features:
  • Possible further tweaking of base dmg, based on feedback and/or my opinion.
  • Different ammunition types available through custom receivers. 
  • New weapon sounds from the real-life General Electric M-134 rotary weapon.
  • Removal of the Minigun from certain legendary effect lists or making them very high level req. (Which ever is easier, or if neither is possible then removing legendary possibility all together.
  • Fix that bloody barrel glow bug. Yes, it's still there. Sorry.
  • Possible console version.
  • This is my first real mod for a Bethesda game. It may take me a little while to learn how to make the changes listed above. If anyone would like to provide me with information, tips, tricks, or yell at me for being so stupidly bold, it would be most appreciated! :D
  • If you have a suggestion on something you think should be done or done differently, make it in the comments!
  • Download with NMM, activate, done. :D
  • If you want to install manually, just place the .esp into your data folder.
  • Same as installing, but backwards.