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This is a rechambering mod for RU556 created by FX0x01 - F34R - Navaro - other.
This mod adds a new type of Receivers for 7.62 ammo. Adds one new receiver: Standard Semi, and changes one (Advanced Auto Receiver), to another (Calibrated Hardened Semi Receiver). Increases basic damage to 44. Optional version compatible with Vis-G.

Permissions and credits
This is a rechambering patch/mod for RU556 - Assault Rifle Uploaded by FX0x01.

This patch/mod uses the rules from my Weapon-Armor_Rebalance mod, regarding to the amount of damage and the amount of other related modifiers.

This is a fully compatible version with AWKCR...

  • This mod removes one original receiver by replacing it with another:
    • Exchange:
      • old one: Advanced Auto Receiver
      • new one: Calibrated Hardened Semi Receiver
    • And adds one completely new: Standard Semi Receiver
  • Each of these receivers, both old and new is available in both calibers: 5.56 and 7.62

  • I raised the basic weapon damage (standard semi receiver) from 34 to: 44
    but all automatic receivers receive a penalty for damage: -35% (rules of vanilla game mechanic)

  • In automatic weapons, the bonus for shooting speed was reduced from 1.5 to 1.25, and is the same as in the assault rifle.

  • RU556 by default will only spawn in its most basic version, since the original mod is missing random combinations. My mod/path adds a lot of additional gun combinations, including of course both calibers, which will depend on player level.

  • I changed the basic price of weapons, raising it slightly.

  • I added AWKCR keywords which correspond to specific calibers of ammo, to the appropriate receivers. And is ready for Item Sorting mod, all tags included.

  • The possibility of creating a weapon was transferred from chemical station to AWKCR weapon workbench, of course the completion of the quest is required.

  • Extra Option:
    • An individual naming option (INNR) for this weapon, containing all possible modifications of this weapon. (my naming, see examples in graphics.)
    • Version compatible with Vis-G, and having my version of naming (INNR)

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