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End of Vault save with settlements prebuilt, using Bowenje's Simple Settlement Plans

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This is simply a save game made for low end PCs, after having Conqueror build most Commonwealth settlements.
All city plans are from Bowenje's Simple Settlement Plans series rather than from RotC.

I made this for myself after seeing City Prebuilts for Conqueror, as I play on a slightly dated laptop and wanted to avoid going over settlement budgets and straining my poor computer.
The Settlements are set at Level 2, 100% population, and won't upgrade during gameplay. If you want them to reach 3 or 4, you'll have to take control of them.

Red Rocket and Abernathy have been built as the Simple Settlements avoid going over budget (which is the main reason for them not being in the default builds.)

The player character is a Nate, but I have made the save before leaving the Vault.
If you'd like a Nora, simply use the console to enter "player.sexchange" before you step on the elevator, then change face, hair, and stats to your liking.
I've picked up nothing but Stimpacks, a Rad-X and the pistols. If you want all the scrap, simply turn around and grab it.

Full List of Built Settlements
Abernathy Farm
Coastal Cottage
County Crossing
Croup Manor
Egret Tours Marina
Finch Farm 
Greentop Nursery
Jamaica Plain
Kingsport Lighthouse
Murkwater Construction Site
Nordhagen Beach
Outpost Zimonja
Red Rocket
Somerville Place
Spectacle Island
Taffington Boathouse
Tenpines Bluff
The Castle
The Slog
Warwick Homestead

Sim Settlements and Conqueror, of course. (No additional building or faction packs have been used, it is a clean Vanilla SS save)
Sim Settlements First Steps
Sim Settlements On the Way to Diamond City
Sim Settlements Farming in the Country
Sim Settlements Living in the Swamp
Sim Settlements On the Coast