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adds professionally made masks to the game for more variety when going to irradiated areas

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this somewhat small packs adds seven masks to the game (a couple of version of one model) as a few people know and pointed out a few times i have a kinda weird thing for masks but especially gas masks (not in a bad way) and this pack shows this fact pretty well, i was browsing artstation the other week and came across the account of Piotr Dziubek who had made a couple of masks inspired by the purge tv series i then waited a few days before contacting him and he agreed to this mod which is great and kinda rare to even get a reply, 

for the mask themselves they offer some ballistic protection but not a lot since well they are gas masks but give +500 rad resistance,

How To Get:

-Set Location-
the masks can be found ingame in the museum of freedom in the corner of the room in a yellow LOCKED crate where you first meet Preston,

but if you don't want to travel there you can use the console and find the masks by typing "Help FV20 4" 


uploading this mod on this site or any other without mine and Piotr's permission is not allowed under any circumstances but patches such as leveled lists are allowed once they dont include any models/textures or my esp from this pack

the original two masks used for this mod where created by a professional model creator by the name of Piotr Dziubek who generously allowed me to make these mask into a mod along with making a few variations of my own.

also a big thanks to the fellow user Calminte  for agreeing to provide  me with the images used and doing a great job still cant stop saying holy sh*t...

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