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Why can we plant 100 mutfruit, but not the one "wild" one?

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Hello everyone, and apologies for being quiet so long. Personal drama came up in a big way around the Christmas/New Years period, and I'm still not over it yet. Opening the mods I've released to "permission for use/edit/etc" and taking a long breather - possibly with holiday. Thank you for being awesome, and best wishes for your Fallout play.
- Khormin
Updating for the DLC.  Will only be updating the level list version.  Still doesn't summon Herobrine.
- Khormin


No Wild Fruits

"Gosh darn it, we're hungry!" Cried the embittered and pragmatic townsfolk.  "It's a crying shame that all you have on you are wild corn, wild tatos, and wild mutfruit.  We could eat if you had just bought them from a trader who probably just picked them from a wild bush themselves!"

Ever wonder what the difference really is between a bush three feet from the settlement as opposed to one within the boundary lines?  Happen to understand that with unrestricted pollination, those 'wild' and 'domestic' plants are probably the same family?  Ever wanted to just pick the tatos from the wilderness and use them for harvesting?  Then this is the mod for you!

Credit owed to Chickawowow's amazing mod "Dynamic Flora Harvesting" for the inspiration of using expanded level lists!

What it does:
  • Changes the looted item from "wild" to "normal" versions of plants.
  • Covers corn, mutfruit, tarberries, and more!

What it doesn't do:
  • Alter the plants in any other way.
  • Change already-harvested 'wild' produce.
  • Summon Herobrine.


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