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replaces all 8 million mannequins in the game with lovable lawn flamingos or outright removes them... because im worried about bethesda

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I made this for myself and have been using it for a while with no issues. I figured at least one other person would appreciate it, so here we are.
Why did I made this? Because I have automatonophobia and Bethesda's over-enthusiasm with mannequins in FO4 stresses me out :')))))

I've made two THREE versions of this mod:
1. Mannequin Be-gone! (Rise of the Flamingos) -
This replaces all the mannequin meshes with lawn flamingos. You will find them standing up right as any mannequin would. You can still pick them or knock them over.

2. Mannequin Be-gone! (Zapped) -
This removes mesh from the mannequins instead of replacing it with something else. So, the're's simply nothing there.
**The caveat in both of these versions are that sometimes the mannequins are holding things or wearing things on their heads you can pick-up. Those things will still appear, they'll just be floating in the air. If something like that is going to drive you nuts, don't use this mod.**

3. Mannequin Be-gone (Luke Warm Nuka Cola Edition) - 
REQUIRES NUKA WORLD. This replaces some of the new, terrible animatronics and mannequins this lovely DLC introduces. Notably the awful stabby ones. You know the ones. The Alien animatronics have not been touched at all, they can still shoot your dong off. A few static mannequins remain that I couldn't quite rip out of the socket yet: the edgy hot topic mannequins you'll find outside the Operators den of ill respute, the avant-garde furry mannequins provided by the Pack and the contorted ones in the Fizztop Grill. This is a fast and loose edit I made to run through Nuka World with. Sharing to hopefully ease at least one person's blood pressure. If quite late.
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Any flamingos that used to be a mannequin with an outfit you could remove STILL have those outfits on... invisibly... and you can activate those flamingos to loot the outfits. So, lets say you're one outfit short for a quest, look around for poor Bill the flamingo that got knocked into a corner by a rude robot. Viola.

Additional Notes:
Made with FO4Edit. As always, please let me know if you encounter any issues or if I have missed a mannequin somewhere, somehow. I'd already played through over half of the map before beginning to use this. Please yell at me if I broke the entire world.

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