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Adds the institute as a playable faction for Sim Settlements Conqueror.

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 4.0.9 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror
Faction: The Institute
Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Soundscape: Discovery and Exploration


This adds the institute as a playable Sim Settlement Conqueror faction.  Recruit all manner of synths and other special institute themed entities.  Synths will level up through battles, becoming increasingly powerful and well-equipped.  Happy conquering!

XBOX1 Version at bethesda.net : https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4111875


- Synth soldiers for your army

- Institute themed civilians (settlers), captives, flags, decorations, and background tracks for your cities

- Institute themed weapons, such as a gatling laser that shoots blue and custom retextured plasma guns that shoot blue plasma

- Main quest integration: as you progress through certain main questlines, your synths will become better equipped and stronger!  (Check the bounty board often for this)

- Fully voiced female synths (can be disabled after some quest progress if you don't like them)

- Synths as attackers and defenders if you're playing as a different faction.

Getting Started (Main Quest Spoilers!!!):


1) You must join the institute when prompted to during the "institutionalized" portion of the main quest.  The faction is not accessible if you have not joined the institute!

2) Build a war planner's desk at an empty (NO SETTLERS!) settlement and choose "The Institute" when prompted.

3) You're done!  You can now gain recruits and special units using the ham radio on the war desk.  Start raids with the raid map.

-1) If you just want my faction as hostile attackers or defenders, and are not playing as them, then just install the mod and play your other faction. 

Technical Details:

- This faction is a conqueror faction type, rather than a liberator type.  The Institute doesn't have much interest in preserving the surface style civilization, but rather seeks to implement their own vision of civilization.  By force, if necessary.

- The main quest integration is done through bounty posts.  Make sure you check the bounty board often as you progress through the main quest; once you read a note your future recruits' equipment/models will change.  Currently there are two bounty posts, and I have two more planned for near future releases.

- One of the bounty posts can potentially be added to your inventory twice.  This is intentional, that note is important to have accessible to the player so I wanted to leave no way for the player to accidentally not take it.  If you just tab to exit the note when getting it from the bounty board, you'll just get it once.

- The female synths can be removed from the recruit pool after the first round of quest-induced synth upgrades.  There is a bunch of other options for the recruit pool too (male only, only female clean, etc) and you can change your decision at any time with no consequence

- None of the special units can gain ranks.  This is due to the current conqueror implementation.

- All recruits. special and normal,  have leveled equipment.  If their equipment seem bad, it might be because your level is low at the moment.

- Your synth recruits (gen1 and gen2) will not lose their limbs during combat like standard synths.  This was done for technical reasons.  This does not affect any synths except for your recruits.

- The institute blue gatling laser is exactly the same stat wise as the vanilla one, it's just blue.  If your other mods modify the vanilla gatling laser, they will NOT modify institute one.  I added two weapon mods for the gatling laser that make it shoot blue lasers, so you can use those on a regular gatling laser and give them to your recruits.

- Due to technical limitations, you may need compatibility patches if your mods alter the "standard barrel" and "charging barrels" weapon mods for the gatling laser.  See Incompatibilities below.  If you know how to make them feel free to do so and send them to me and I will host them here and give you credit (assuming they are made correctly).  I may also do them myself if there are sufficient requests for a particular compatibility patch.

- The npc's in this mod will correctly be affected by any other mod that alters the stats of their base game counterparts  (but NOT changes to scripts, inventory, etc,).  They are also receptive to changes in certain base game leveled lists.  Gen1 and gen2 synths will NOT be receptive to any changes to the synth race forms without a compatibility patch.

- This faction is hostile to any other SS Conqueror faction that is not set as "The Institute" or "Synth" base game factions.  This is mostly relevant to anyone designing another faction pack that wants theirs to be buddies with mine.

- You can craft regular barrels on the institute plasma gun that will make it shoot green plasma.  Just craft the institute versions if you want to keep blue plasma.  I can't make the regular barrels uncraftable unless I implement custom versions of ALL the base plasma gun attachments, including stocks, grips, and sights, which I don't want to do for compatibility reasons.

- Note that my faction will only appear as attackers/defenders if the faction you ARE playing as has the institute on its enemy list.  At the time of my writing this (8/4/19), I know for sure the minutemen pack DOES NOT, so minutemen will never see my synths as attackers/defenders.  This is out of my control, the OTHER faction pack author would need to change their enemy list setup.  There may be others like this aside from minutemen, I just haven't checked all the enemy formlists for all the factions.


- The robot special unit is only available after completing the entire automatron dlc.

- The bounty posts that change your army equipment/stats/appearances happen after completing mankind redefined and powering up.  They may take some time to appear after finishing the quests.

Known/Possible Bugs:

1) There are still a couple green plasma effects when using the institute plasma gun:

I currently know of two such instances.  One when gooifying an enemy, a small proportion of goo splashes will be green.  The other is a slight green light when firing the blue plasma flame thrower.  These are definitely fixable, it's just a matter of finding out exactly where the data for those instances is in the CK or the nifs.  I'll be hunting these down in the next couple releases.

2) The institute plasma gun has some normal colored attachments

I know.  I was too slow in doing the retextures for the 1.0.3 release.  Currently the main body of the gun is done as is the automatic barrels, but nothing else has been retextured.  I will be finishing these in the next (one? couple?) releases.

3) One of the bounty posts appeared in my inventory twice!

Not a bug, is intentional.  Check out the technical details for the reasons.

4) My synths aren't gaining armory equipment correctly:

(from 4.0.7, current status unknown to me)

Another bug I believe to be stemming from conqueror itself.  Only the highest level armory in an outpost counts, and an armory gives the equipment designated to exactly its level, not all levels equal or less than the plot's level.  This means if you have a level 3 armory and a level 2 armory in your outpost, your recruits will ONLY receive gear (grenades/stimpacks etc), and NOT weapons (level 2 armory) or armor (level 1 armory).

Personally, if you are experiencing this bug I recommend sticking to the rank 1 (armor) or 3 (gear) armory.  The higher level recruit outfits include a special item you can't normally obtain, so you can't put it on them yourself.  The weapons from a rank 2 armory you can always make yourself and give to them for use.  The rank 3 armory will give higher ranked synths grenades before each raid, something you can't (easily) replicate yourself.


-(minor) Any mods that change the gatling laser barrel weapon mods and/or the gatling laser stats will NOT apply to the institute gatling laser that rank 5 synths can get.  Nothing will go wrong in your game, but the institute gatling laser/barrels will just no longer be the same stat wise as the standard ones.

Possible Future Additions:

- Add more soundscapes beyond exploration/discovery

- Make nicer decorations (feel free to reach out if you'd like to help with this or the next topic)

- Additional special units

- More involved way of recruiting special units such as quest completion or plot-related recruitment

- Create institute themed building skins


- Kinggath and the sim settlements team for creating the great mod this adds on to

-  All the SS modders who answered my (verbose) questions

- thelaurent for granting me use of the awesome institute themed robot paintjobs!  Check out the full mod for more paintjobs here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15910/?

- glupix for granting me the use of the great female synths packaged with this mod.  They really look like they could fit right in with the base game.  Check out the original mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39784