Fallout 4

About this mod

The purpose of this mod is to recreate a more faithful and lorefriendly post apocalyptic enviroment.

Permissions and credits

Let's talk honestly, Bethesda's effort during the creation of the Fallout 4 game world was poor. The map it's flat and free of details and it doesn't transmit you the feeling of living in a real post-apocalyptic world. The purpose of this mod is to recreate a more faithful and lore-friendly post-apocalyptic environment enriching the map with details and scenarios.

The constructive suggestions are welcome. If you need to report a bug, make sure it is due to this mod and not to your negligence. Interiors and settlements will remain intact and will never be modified.

Before installing the mod move away from the modified area, possibly going into an interior, and wait 24/48 hours to allow the game to refresh the cells. Load this mod as low as possible, even last or before your Merged Patch, if you have one.

On 19 May 2019, 7:35 AM, my mod reached the hot files. I want to thank the community for making this to become possible. I never expected this project to become so popular.

I want to warmly thank Soulesswars for gifting me the 1-year premium package. This was totally unexpected.

Thanks to Bethesda and Nexus Site.