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This is a blueprint for a walled off Outpost Zimonja built with Sim Settlements and Creation Club's Settlement Ambush Kit. Equipped with workbenches and a city planners desk it will house 5 settlers with one commercial plot for a Outpost Doctor and a Oil producing Advanced Industrial Plot. Cameras and turrets setup to enjoy endless wave after wave!

Permissions and credits
Uses items from the base game and it's addons with the Creation Kit's Settlement ambush kit to give a suitable outpost with walls intended to be played with the  Fake Distress Beacon to enjoy endless wave based combat. Walled off while also providing a doctor and producing oil this settlement can be left as is to be self sufficient as it will house 5 settlers with 4 plot based jobs and some tato plants. Includes the 4 basic workbenches and a City Planners desk this settlement is equipped to be flexible and sustainable with survival mode as it's purpose. This blueprint will be tweaked and improved after more testing/playing has been done on it. If you enjoy it or have any feedback you'd like to give please feel free to as I will be updating and checking the mod page frequently. Now back to the commonwealth with you!

Requires the following addons/plugins
  • Automatron 
  • Wasteland Workshop 
  • Far Harbor 
  • Contraptions Workshop 
  • Vault-Tec Workshop 

Nexus Mods Required
  • Sim Settlements 3 in 1
  • Sim Settlements Conqueror
  • Transfer Settlements

Creation Club Content
  • Settlement Ambush Kit