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Adds a Conqueror faction based off the Triggermen faction in Fallout 4. Currently contains the faction, flag, ranks, and rank outfits.

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Requires Version 4.0.6 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: Triggermen

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Ranks and Equipment: Yes
Custom Flag: Yes


This faction pack adds the infamous gangsters of post-apocalyptic Boston to Sim Settlements as a Conqueror faction, allowing you to own and command your own faction of Triggermen. However, it won't be easy to take over the commonwealth; your basic Triggermen have no armor and lousy weapons, meaning it'll take a trial by fire or personal investment to train your army. As of 1.1.0 this faction pack contains personalized equipment, custom flag, ranks, and rank-based outfits.

Resource Requirements

Major Resources: Cigarette packs and cartons (Plus San Francisco Sunlights), cigar boxes, and any kind of alcohol
Minor Resources: Individual cigarettes and cigars, and any chem that isn't alcohol

Triggermen Hierarchy

Settlers: Wastelanders contracted/conscripted by the Triggermen to work in their outposts. Drawn by settlement beacon. Will take Triggermen protection over none at all.
Initiate: Grunt cannon fodder not yet initiated into the Triggermen. Melee weapons and maybe a pipe gun. Carry molotovs. Basic clothes and no hat/eyewear.
Soldier: Official members of the Triggermen. 10mm and double barrel shotguns. Carry molotovs. Basic clothes and some hats.
Mafioso: Established Triggermen with combat experience. SMGs and double barrel shotguns. Carry molotovs and stimpaks. Basic clothes, some hats/eyewear.
Capo: Seasoned Triggermen that pack a punch. SMGs and .44s. Carry frag grenades and stimpaks. Suits and some hats/eyewear.
Consigliere: Elite Triggermen just below the mob boss (you). SMGs and hunting rifles. Carry frag grenades, stimpaks, and med-x. Tuxes and some hats/eyewear.

Future Plans
-Keep this mod updated with every patch of Conquerors
-Add special/virtual units (current ideas are supermutant triggermen and guard dogs, feel free to suggest others in the comments).
-Add a way to do triggermen-related activities like drug smuggling and hits


-The Triggermen are a bit shy and currently do not talk. Inventory trading works but I suggest using the civilian workers to man your shops and clinics.

-The Triggermen are opposed to supermutants and Children of Atom, but are otherwise neutral. They won't target Goodneighbor residents or caravans either.
-This mod uses exclusively vanilla and sim settlement assets. Please do not post a bug report if the issue is caused by alteration of vanilla or sim settlement records. Thank you :)
-This is my first mod that I've released publicly. I've cleaned and tested this mod (recruitment, attacks, defense) but am fully aware that bugs can and will happen. Thank you for your understanding.