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About this mod

Are you tired of the weapons of the commonwealth feeling lackluster, underwhelming, or just downright awful? With this simple mod, I've strived to rebalance nearly all of the firearms available, and have gone even as far as adding new receivers to ballistic weapons, and adjusted so much more! Goodbye awful guns, hello, Rechambered Commonwealth!

Permissions and credits
Hey there wastelander!

I'm sure that like myself, you may have found the options for firepower to be rather underwhelming and hazardous for your own survival, so much so that many things are left ignored (especially the Minigun). Fear not, as I've found a fantastic solution!

I present to you all, Rechambering the Commonwealth!
In this tiny little .esp file that I've built using the Creation Kit and FO4Edit, contains all the hope and saving grace for many wastelander alike, without the bulky file space requirements.

I've made a monumental effort to rebalance many of the weapons and armor options available in the Commonwealth as well as the DLC areas (seperate plugins, dont worry!)

While my efforts have touched upon MANY aspects of fallout 4, some seemingly minor, yet so vast, some of what I have touched upon were....
Added difficulty-to-xp scaling (higher difficulty gives more xp), added ballistic weave compatibility to nearly all clothing items, added new ammo-type receivers to many guns, created custom "unique" receivers for several guns and place in the worldspace, and so very much more!

Huge Disclaimer!
This mod is effectively an Overhaul/Rework, and as such, modifies a large number of vanilla records through hardcoded changes rather than scripting. Due to the nature of these edits, please read the patch-notes provided (Articles Tab) and try to find other mods that add things or make changes via scripting to prevent any possible compatibility conflicts.

Second Disclaimer!
DLC is only required for the DLC Addon plugin, the base plugin only requires having the base game!

Install/Uninstall Instructions
Manual Instructions
after downloading the mod, simply extract the esp file and drop it into your fallout 4 data folder, and be sure to enable it with your preferred mod manager.

if uninstalling, simply go to the data folder you have installed it to, and delete the esp file, easy as that! :)

Future Plans:
*make a sandwich
*fine tune mod and future expansions as perfectly as possible
*clean up dirty edits in fo4edit

My Patreon
For those of you wanting to feel extra supportive, please take a stop by my patreon. Your support will help me upgrade my outdated equipment so I can utilize better, and more stable parts and software, and help me with making better content!

My Patrons:
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My Discord
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Credits and Special Thanks:
I want to thank Happyslapp for teaching me how to use the creation kit, and subsequently making this mod possible. Seriously man, thank you for everything!

I also want to thank DankRafft for helping me to better understand how to clean up, and prioritize mod changes and their associated value in implimentation, and just being a positive source of feedback in general. Thank you for your patience and guidance, sincerely!

And Lastly, a big thanks to YOU! Thank you for taking an interest in my mod, endorsing, downloading and using it. You provide me with constant motivation to keep churning out updates to the best of my ability, and find new things to try for improving not only my mod, but the fallout 4 experience. Thank you!

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