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Makes the Norwegians ghouls at the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star friendly, and cleans up Quincy's Gunner markings as well as stopping Gunners from respawning.

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This mod has some minor tweaks to the south-east corner of the map, at the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star and the ruins of Quincy.

Full list of changes:

UPDATE: Now has a version of both mods that restores the Gunners to Quincy. They should respawn.
To have them not respawn, simply use the original version of the mod, but not turn it on until you clear out Quincy, and before visiting the Northern Star.

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
  • The Norwegian ghouls are no longer hostile to the player, and are no longer labled as Raiders
  • Some variety in the Norwegians has been added, including gender and outfits
  • Some friendly tamed Mirelurks have been added around the boat, both standard and hunter varieties
  • Three Norwegians and two friendly Mirelurks have been added to the lighthouse just south of the wreck, a lookout tower of sorts
  • More Norwegians have been added around the boat in general
  • An exterior staircase was added on the same side as all the fallen containers
  • Optional: Adds Norwegian flags to the ship and lighthouse

Quincy Ruins
  • All Gunner markings have been removed from the town
  • Removes all unnamed Gunner spawn points, so no more resupplies
  • Warning! This will result in only the 3 named Gunners spawning in Quincy if you haven't been there before.
The main download also includes a retexture for the Railroad flag to make it a Norwegian flag, since I've never seen it used outside of RR-ending Diamond City, and a secret organisation plastering a flag everywhere like the Minutemen or BoS do seems a bit odd.
There is an alternate file without the retexture.

I recommend using this with mods that let you use these two areas as Settlements, either City of Quincy and/or Conquest.