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Replaces the coursers with female coursers, in both appearance and voice.

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  This is a replacer for leveled coursers, unique coursers, and companion X6-88. It replaces the gender, hair, facial morphs, make-up, voices, and some dialogue. Dialogue was changed to remove the relationship assertions between Father and the player. This was done because a lot of alternate start mods change this relationship. Also, I changed dialogue concerning rad away, for more immersive purposes, for those who play a synth or mutant. One .ESP and several thousand loose files for voices. You will be required to extract the Far Harbor .BA2 in order for Dejen to have a female voice. Directions are below, and in the image section.



   After installing Fallout 4 and Far Harbor, install this mod as you normally would. Once "Femme Fatale - Coursers" is installed, to get Dejen's voice to work (yes, he is a courser, and also needs dialogue changes for this mod to make sense), the DLCCoast - Voices_en.ba2 needs to be extracted using BAE, with the exception of Dejen's voice FUZ files. This is necessary because Fallout DLC apparently overwrites EVERYTHING, despite how the .ini is configured. I couldn't figure out another way to do it. But it's simple:

  1. Open DLCCoast - Voices_en.ba2 with BAE.
  2. Click the drop down menus until you get to Sound>Voice>DLCCoast.esm>DLC03MaleDejen
  3. Uncheck DLC03MaleDejen
  4. Extract to Fallout4/Data
  5. Delete or rename (to dissable) DLCCoast - Voices_en.ba2


   But, what about your Body? It's coming.

   Why don't you do this or that with this mod instead? I'm busy with other project(s). I'll try to fix bugs, probably not much else.

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