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A fun and exciting battleground in a militarized style!

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After spending countless hours trying to find a fun and efficient way to test different character builds, scenarios and the like, I've always found a few major troubles along the way...

Consistency and Location, in my war camp, I've been able to handle both of these issues, and was even able to find a great deal of enjoyment while doing so!

This particular "settlement" is all made possible due to the core mod I am using "Settlement Raiding" (the arena version, of course), the mod author had kindly provided us (the end users) a fantastic little settlement in which we can build inside of, while also turning it into the focal point of forced raid spawns. I had decided, this was a fantastic location for making my little testing area, including plenty of obstacles, protective barriers and even a little encampment at the center to act as the "base" as it were.

I also made use of Cheat Terminal for gathering the resources,  equipment and other useful doo-dads for assembling the camp and testing my character builds, but long story short, there's a few mods that go into the blueprint that are nice but not required in any way. If you only want the basic version, you only need to make sure you have "Sandbag Fortifications", and the "Settlement Raiding Mod", and Transfer Settlements obviously <3

I hope you guys like my camp, I sure do!

When using my blueprint, please make sure that Slot #1 in Transfer Settlements is open, or that you do not mind if it gets overwritten with my blueprint.
(I am not liable for blueprints lost because of this!)