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This is a lighweight mod, which uses the modcol feature of AWKCR to add some of the CreationClub Skins to the armors worn by Raiders, MinuteMan, RailRoad, BoS and Gunners.

Permissions and credits
CC ArmorSkin Distributor

Pretty much a small mod, which distributes some of the CC Skins to the loot table with the help of the  "modcol" feature.

The following factions are represented 
Raiders    (HotRodPink, HotRedFlames, Shi, Bats, Jack-o-Lantern, Pickman, Tunnelsnakes, NukaCola)
Gunners   (their FactionSkin, HotRodShark, Army, CamoGreen, CamoTan)
BoS  (their FactionSkin)
Railroad   (their FactionSkin, RailysRangers)
MinuteMen      (their FactionSkin, CamoBlue)
CoA  (their FactionSkin)
Institute   (their FactionSkin)

optionally for Settlers
I added NukaCola, Vault-Tec and AtomCats for the Settlers as possible ArmorSkins.
The reasoning behind this choice is the possibility of them being fans of either of these "factions"

optionally for Settlers (Christmas Edition)
I added NukaCola, Vault-Tec, AtomCats, SnowFlakes and HolidaySanta for the Settlers as possible ArmorSkins.

This mod requires AWKCR and all of the CC Skins released to date
If you are missing any of the CC files simply use the dummy esl from

I am sharing this mod because no one else released a similar mod (which actually worked with VIS-G and/or AWKCR).  
Making this mod was done without consideration of compatibility and lorefriendlyness. I expected it to not work at all but unbelievably it did.
AFAIK it does not conflict with anything in particular.

No loot tables were changed!
This means that a Raider for example will wear the same thing as in the vanilla version of the Game.
The only exception is that  if he wears armor pieces (leather,metal,synth,combat) they have a chance of being Colored with CC skins
The Naming should still work (VIS-G sorting at least works for me)

The inspiration on how to do so came from ShawnPhillips and looking at his mod in FO4edit helped me a lot and this mod wouldn't be possible without him paving the way.

Endorse him if you can :-)

I am not sure if I will update this mod at all.
Maybe and maybe not.
It was a small project I just wanted to share as it is