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Based on Fallout Tactics Humvees are DRIVABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE 350 parts and 9 paintjobs. 52 chest locations find parts to customize your ride and shoot down anything in your path.
New Parts will be added in future updates

Permissions and credits

From the beginning of modding fallout I wanted to make a car that would be able to take you places and let you customize every aspect of the car and make it your own unique combination and somehow I made it happen, with lots of help of a few friends. The Humvee body is made with 100% fallout 4 assets cut and assembled in the Creation kit/3ds Max and decorations and weapons borrowed from other mod authors. Post your pics!

420 and lots of it
Latest Version of Fallout 4
Wasteland Garage


1. Customize - 350 + 216 body parts (9 paintjobs x body parts) thats ~566 parts with nearly every part of the humvee is customizable with 29 different slots
2. Auto Robobrain MkII Turret: Mow down the commonwealth inhabitants with a wide range of powerful weapons from paint balls and fireworks to 50cal MGs and nuke launching howitzers. weapons are controlled by Robobrain.
3. Unlimited Ammo - Vulnerability: To stop the humvee from being too OP you can take projectile/splash damage while in it so pack some Auto stimpaks for the road!
4. Store valuables and junk in the trunk
5. Run over enemies: If lead won't put them out of their misery maybe a little push should help
6. Perishable, Don't be stupid the humvees have a large health pool but will explode if you decide to let it get shot up
7. Room for more! - Tested and works with one human/dogmeat companion have not tested multiple companion mods

What do you need?

Humvees are built in the workshop menu go to The Wasteland Garage > Drivable Humvees
Science Perk level 2 
Scattered around the commonwealth are 52 caches of humvee parts
 The farther away from sanctuary the better the parts will be
Military bases are a good place to start looking
Faction themed caches are hidden in proper faction locations
cheat sheet available in downloads

One Ultimate part cache with all the parts available just solve this riddle:
"Where science and atom failed us,
The sky is always turbulent green you will find what you seek,
Deep inside of a monument to humanities sins it lies ready to be unleashed,
But be quick for it is heavy and they slumber waiting to eat."

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Ask your questions or whatever
Bug hunting help

Recommended Mods
Drivable Cars Redux by ViciousCeph [Framework based on his mod TON of cars from fallout could fix some script issues and bugs]
+Midwest Power Armor Evolution by NewerMind43 and Captain-Ultima
+Power Armor Collection System by HcGxGrill [Can't drive cars with the PA on but for those who NEED their PA this mod lets you collect it like F76 or store it in the humvee]
Custom camera mod by Qudix [Customize the camera view for the humvee]
PBR Materials Project by dpillari [Really makes the metal parts shine]
Crafting highlight fix by registrator2000 [gets rid of that awful highlight and lets you see the parts]

Can NOT use PA while driving a Humvee do you know what that will do to the suspension? there is a work around tho check Recommended mods above
Turret sometimes won't fire, Robobrains can be dicks sometimes. make sure enemies are lined up and in front of the humvee.
The Humvee can go up and down steep hills.. but it ain't pretty.
If you use crafting highlight fix colors for some body parts in the inventory menus aren't the right color its not a bug don't report it
sometimes the car wont knock enemies down it works like pain train and needs to cool down. 

Future Plans
Blaze it
Add more custom parts
*Maybe add Hostile Humvee NPCs*


Q: Im not asking for much buuuuut is it possible to add (insert feature that requires complicated scripting)? Thanks ^.^!
A: Nope, what you see is what you get. I have little to no experience with scripting. I needed LOTS of help to make this mod possible 

Q: Will there be custom paint jobs I'd really like some urban camo or tiger stripes or gold paint job or or..
A: No, I suck at retexturing and I don't have the time for it right now. 

Q: Is there first person view and if not are you planning on adding it in the future?
A: No and NO.

Q: Can you make into a portable grenade? 
A: tHaTs NoT vErY iMmErSiVe and no

Q: What took you so long?
A: Ill give you the short version. Got burned out. took a break. Started watching anime. watching more anime. more anime. got more ideas. added a bunch more parts. Mod stops working :(. made even more parts and added in more Humvee 2 Door body type. Made even more parts. bug fixing and now we are here.

Q: Dude where's my car? theres no icon for it on the map
A: its for immersion purposes (dont want to do it really) gotta remember where you park your car man.

Q: Can you take the same car to Far Harbor & Nuka World?
A: No you get to Far Harbor by boat, there's no room for the car and you take a monorail to nuka world. You can build another humvee in the areas once you unlock a workshop.

Whew, Mod number 2 finished took awhile longer than expected but its out now, fucking finally. These are the special mod authors and amigos that helped me along the way from a bumbling modding fool to a decent kitbashing fool : 

ViciousCeph -Co-mod author handled most if not all things under the hood. This mod would not be here if it wasn't for this man.

M -Sharing his scripts & framework that allows others to make more cars
- Took me under his wing and showed me tons of ways to get cars up and running and provided useful input in the mod process

Wanaming0 -Showing me all the ways of splicing and cutting up assets really helped in adding extra details from other parts 

NaiRae -First modder to help me out, I did NOT know what was I doing back then. Thank you for you patience   

Carnageeater -Gave me permission to use his graffiti in the mod that allowed factions 

HalkHogan -Let me use his RAD Tire assets

asXas -Tomacuzi-9 assets for decoration

WJS97 -Classic Super Sledge assets for decoration

Nutulator -Altyn Assault Helmet assets for decoration and letting me use his Howitzers for the mod

Shoeburglar -Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) assets for decoration

Yogensya - Letting me use his assets from the Mad Can - Fury Beans

ajhakra - m1014 shotgun assets for decoration

MikeMoore- MikeMoore's MCAM -Melee Collectable and Adventure Mod (Weapon Pack) assets for decoration

kingtobbe -Megapack of cut up fallout 4 assets for decoration huge time saver

Mkdo40 -Wasteland Imports assets for decoration

 3nikhey -Winchester P94 assets for decoration

I_code_I -For letting me use the M2HB 50cal assets 

Beta Testers



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