Fallout 4
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This mod adds a new enclave plasma rifle prototype (EPRP)
, which has many modifications, changing its features and appearance.

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This mod adds a new enclave plasmarifle prototype (EPRP)
, which has many modifications, changing its features and appearance.
This my first proper 3D project in my life, but definitely not the last
So Please if have any feedback about my work, let me know
More and much higher quality guns and armors and objects to come
Next project: Laser revolver
Oh and sorry for my bad English, not my main language.

Oh you can also check the model in sketchfab
Main body: 1 Model / 4 different mods/ 6 Paint / can be used without any barrel
Barrel: 2 Model / 10 different mods/6 Paint
Stock: 3 Model /3 different mods/ 6paint
Sight: 3 Model(Currently doing asecond pass on the 3d models)
Barrels – Main body – Stocks can be painted separately
Standalone ammo type craftable at chemstations
Custom Reload animation ( 3rdperson left hand does not work properly )
How to get the Weapon
Travel to “The federal surveillance center K-21B, located underneath an abandoned shack”
Go to the bottom of the bunker –right behind the                         X-01 power armor – right under the stairs – you must be able to find theEPRP ( on the of the boxes- check the images for the location )
known issues
3rd person ReloadAnimation for the left hand does not work properly
In Gun crafting station, categories are messed up
Paint jobs for parts sometimes won't work properly

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FROM : BlackPhoenix Family

FROM : KottabosGames