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Provides patches for VIS-G sorting to various mods (currently a few, but the list is expanding).

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These are VIS-G patches for various mods for proper inventory sorting.

Currently patches (in recommended load order):

Weapon Mod Fixes v1.5.2 (GOTY version only)
Cut Weapon Mods Restored v3.0.3 (GOTY version only)
New Calibers v3.07.1
Backpacks of the Commonwealth v1.4
K-9 Harness -- Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat v1.0
Private Military Company v1.0
IceStormNG Optics v1.0


AWKCR v8.5 and up
VIS-G Item Sorting v2.7 and up
Armorsmith Extended v4.6 and up

The FOMOD installer will take you through the installation and automatically select the appropriate patches.
Please note that all the fixes from Cut Weapon Mods Restored - Weapon Mod Fixes patch found in the original download is made obsolete by my CWMR patch and can be removed to save plugin space.
All patches are .esl flagged, so they don't take up space in your load order.