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Adds the Brotherhood of Steel as a faction for the Sim Settlements expansion Conqueror.

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Requires Version 4.1.4 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror


New Features in Patch 1.2:

  • New Civilians NPCs - Field Scribe and Field Engineer
  • New Special Unit - A Power Armor equipped Brotherhood Paladin!! Available after completing Blind Betrayal and attaining the rank of Paladin yourself. Check out the recruitment radio at the Field Command Center to recruit him. He is a Virtual Unit Only for now, meaning he'll only show up during assaults. Pending some changes to Sim Settlements, I hope to add them in to your outposts as guards later, but that is not possible at the moment.
  • Donation Materials Changed! Major items are laser weapons and heavy weapons. Minor items are weapon mods and combat armor.
  • Soldier ranks have changed. Now go up to Knight-Commander. This is to keep paladins as unique, Power Armor equipped units. As it should be. 
  • The changes to Teagan's quest have been removed for now. This should fix any bugs with dialogue.


Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Soundscape: Yes
Special Units: Yes
Unique Outpost Plots: Yes

About This Mod:
Stand with your brothers and sisters, and claim the Commonwealth for the Brotherhood! This faction pack allows you to use the new Liberator function for Sim Settlements Conqueror to secure settlements by ridding them of invading raiders, gunners, and other scum. Establish outposts for your troops and claim vassals to support those outposts with food and supplies. 

How to Get Started:
Obviously, you need to be part of the Brotherhood of Steel and the Prydwen needs to have arrived in the Commonwealth. You'll need to also have completed the vanilla quest "Show No Mercy"... the Fort Strong quest from Elder Maxson. Once that has been done, look for a new constructible object in your crafting menu (or under the Sim Settlements/Furniture menu if you have Settlement Menu Manager installed) called Field Command Center. This is same as the War Planner Desk from Conqueror. Build that, use the ham radio to recruit troops, and the terminal to select locations to secure. 

If you are new to the Conqueror expansion, please check out the videos linked in the media section for information on how everything works.

What's Next for the Mod:
More plot types are coming in the future as I am able to build them. They take a LONG time to develop. I have several planned to take advantage of new plot sub types such as the recruitment center, prison, scavengers, and more!  I am also looking in to some ideas for more special units. Before you ask though... no, Vertibirds won't be included. I tested that and they don't act right. It would be an incredible script heavy ordeal to make them behave properly as spawned units. I also want to do a more involved quest, but that is a ways off right now. If you have ideas, please leave a comment!

Known Incompatibilities:
Creation Club Faction Overhauls
- this mod changes the leveled lists to use new faction specific armor with the Creation Club skins attached to them. I do not own the CC content for this and cannot make a patch. Anyone wishing to use this should contact me for information on how to create a patch.

Hope you enjoy and leave any feedback you wish! This has been a small labor of love to get it to this point and I would love to know what you like/don't like so far.

Also available on the XBoxOne! https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4102348

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