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"Finding Barry Ellery" features one lengthy quest line with 4 different endings. All 4 major characters are voiced by professional voice actors. Also features a brand new town with prewar scenery.

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Go on a quest to find Barry Ellery, an aspiring super hero and the son of Haywood Ellery. Haywood has desperately asked for your help with
finding his lost son. Venture through a beautiful and colorful town with it's own dark secrets to find a
boy with delusions of grandeur, and resentment towards his father. Though this task will prove to be difficult, as it ends in a fight of the ages, and a tough decision that you must make

“Finding Barry Ellery” features:
 ·        4 characters fully voiced by professional voice actors.
·        One new town with radiant AI and green, live landscapes.
·        One lengthy quest line with 4 different endings.
·        2 new weapons and 1 new clothing item.  


  1.  The player character is NOT voiced, but I have made the dialogue options like past Bethesda games, you click on the option you
like, and the NPC immediately responds.

    2. This mod does not require you to start a new game, you can continue from a save.

    3. The quest is start game enabled, meaning it is in your pip boy as soon as you load the game.

    4. Below is a screenshot of where the town is located in case you have a mod that will conflict with it.