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This patch updates the dogs from Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth to use the NoSharedDogmeatTemplate from Better Companions – All in One, which prevents mods like Better Companions – All in One and Dogmeat - A True Companion from making the new dogs excessively overpowered.

Permissions and credits

This is a patch I made for Kinggath’s Never-ending Let’s Play of Fallout 4. It patches Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters by Thirdstorm and the NoSharedDogmeatTemplate available under Optional Files from Techprince’s Better Companions – All in One.

Kinggath was using a mod that buffs Dogmeat (Dogmeat - A True Companion by Zazuban, a great mod if you’re interested) by applying improvements to his
Attack Data template values. Those values are, however, used by all vanilla dogs, and, coincidentally, the dogs added by Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters
by Thirdstorm.

Unfortunately, this resulted in some seriously overpowered enemy dogs.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Techprince has a bonus mod available through his Better Companions – All in One page called NoSharedDogmeatTemplate
that changes the vanilla dogs so they use a custom Attack Data template he created as opposed to Dogmeat's template, which prevents this issue from

Unfortunately, NoSharedDogmeatTemplate doesn't apply to the dogs in Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters, and thus they remained
buffed just like Dogmeat.

This patch fixes the issue by changing the Template Actors->AttackData field to "EncDogmeatTemplate "Dog" [NPC:XX001066]" from NoSharedDogmeatTemplate for all of the available dogs from Unique NPCs Creatures
and Monsters.

Load Order:

Be sure to place this patch below both Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters and NoSharedDogmeatTemplate in your load order.

[Note: This patch was made with explicit permission from Thirdstorm, and is created within the permissions provided by Techprince.]