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The Slocum's Joe Creation Club pack has the wrong material on the tongs used while animating on the donut fryer. This is a simple mesh replacer pointing to the correct material file so it will have the correct texture on it.

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The Slocum's Joe Creation Club pack donut fryer tongs looked awful. The texture was totally jacked up. So I dug a little deeper and discovered it just needed a simple material fix. So I fixed it. This is a straight up mesh replacer so no esl or esp file is necessary.

If you're all excited about getting a free set of tongs without owning the CC pack they came from, then be warned they'll just be purple as they don't use a vanilla texture file. If you need a simple low poly set of tongs THAT BADLY then just go buy the CC pack.  Anyone that attempts to post the other files from the CC pack in the comments will be reported to Nexus and most likely banned from the entire site. So trying to use this mod for piracy purposes is not only a douche move that will get you banned....but good grief how lame is your life that you need to pirate a low poly tongs mesh?