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This is my attempt of hiding the tail. Type help tail 4 it is called tail tuck for pa test. Then type player.additem (then the code next to the name) then press enter.

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After many hours of Fallout 4, I became tired of being human and wanted to experience the game my way be my own character do my own thing thankfully mods exist and I found the perfect one, I am no longer the sole survivor I am a Vulpine genetic bioweapon who is a jack of all trades and wanders the wasteland helping where he can. Unfortunately, the tail has a tendency to get in the way like when wearing power armour or a hazmat suit as of which I made a mod to hide the tail for those situations where having a tail can get in the way. I have made a ring which takes up the same slot as the tail however for power armour I was unable to as we all have different tastes while I'm happy to wear a combination of big daddy power armour and run around in that others not so much so I have left the power armour part up to you I'll explain what to do and the rest is up to you do.

Simply open up your preferred fallout 4 mod editor, for me that's creation kit so this how-to will be based on that software find the power armour you want if it's standalone then great you don't need a copy if it's the base games I recommend making a copy called tail tuck or something to that effect. Once you have the armour you want selected right click, click edit  and go to the armour slots and add slot 58 save your edit and you should be done, if you set my mod as the active file you can make edit for the base games power armour to save space for power armour brought in by mods you will have to do the slot edit in them by making them the active file.

Hopefully, this mod helps and before I leave I would like to thank BeardofSocrates and the team of modders that helped create the vulpine race and I would like to thank Sayaheca for making a vulpine compatible gas mask. The link to which is at the bottom.