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Adds a new, standalone clothing item.

Permissions and credits
This is a standalone version of Pjeteh's Adidas Jacket (replacer) mod, made with permission. (Spasibo Komrade.)
Original mod here:
Original author:
If you like this mod, please download and endorse the original.  

There is a vanilla version (.esp only) and an AWKCR/AE version (.esp and .esl).

It is scrappable, and craftable at Chemistry (and Armorsmith) Workbenches. There is one in the laundry in Sanctuary.

It accepts Railroad Weave, Armor Add-Ons and Misc Linings.

The original mod includes a Yugoslavian Flag replacer texture. I have included it here as an optional Very Slavic download. Use with caution.

Installation / Uninstallation:
Install / uninstall the usual way. (You can install it, remove it, upgrade it - no problem - it won't affect saved games.) You can load this early in the load order.

Permissions & Disclaimers:
This mod includes assets from another mod by another author (Pjeteh). You have my permission to do as you please with the rest of it, but you'll need Pjeteh's persmission to use the textures.

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