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This is a early beta test for my upcoming mod that adds new meshes and textures to various vehicle related items.

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This is by no means complete, I am looking for testers who can critique the items that have been uploaded and give feedback. I believe I've uploaded everything necessary, but if you find something missing or something there that doesn't need to be I would need that information as well...

Other authors have made various drive-able vehicles to the game, but while cruising around the Commonwealth the majority of the static vehicles you pass by look stripped, which would be fine if Bethesda actually used any of the missing parts for something, but they don't.

Some of the in-game inconsistencies were puzzling, in a parking lots or on a freeway, why was one vehicle complete yet 2 meters away one was stripped of it's entire interior and wheels yet there is nowhere in the game where these items are used. Another puzzling item is why there are 8 types of bare car frames but only 3 types of actual cars. The biggest '?' would be why most of the vehicles are missing their tyres yet still have their rims and why are there piles of discarded tyres in areas where you couldn't even drive a vehicle.

The read-me in the Docs tab expands on this more.

I am hoping to make this a finished mod with all issues taken care of by late May 2019.
Anyone giving useful information will be credited, anyone supplying anything that I can actually use in-game will be listed as a co-author.