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A few little fixes that turn this broken unfinished old thing into a sweet weapon with loads of mods.

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Before you get too excited I should point out there are no real textures as such for this thing, just yet, it is just black with a few stickers and the mod author has not updated it since 2016. Take a closer look though and you will find a great A.C.R. model with loads of different mods, unique projectile, different loadouts, and it all works fine now.

Almost all material files were wrong so everything was pink, fixed that, the muzzle flash effect was too long so it glitched out, fixed, loads of entry's for unimplemented stuff cleaned up, I deleted all leveled lists and just made it craftable at the chem station for now.
The only thing I am not sure about is the gun has flames coming out the top of it in 3rd person, yes you read that right, some people may like it but I don't and my skills with nifskope are very limited, any help with that would be appreciated and I will make it an optional file.

I guess textures were not MelodicMonsta's strongest point and he clearly never finished it but if anyone is looking for a new project, he made a really solid weapon here that is just waiting to be textured by someone with actual talent. I will slap some stuff on there to make it look like something but everything has to be made from scratch. I encourage everyone to try the weapon out and if someone with nifskope understanding can remove that stupid sparky effect from the four base weapon models, pretty sure everything else is fixed.

I highly doubt MelodicMonsta is about these days to grant permission for anything so I will keep this a seperate bug fix mod and do an update when I have some textures for you. I hope some of you also make textures so we can have even more options and turn this overlooked old mod into another great one.

A.C.R. Diablo by MelodicMonsta https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18952