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This adds a Flamel on the back of Piper's red vanilla coat, supposed to be Edward from Full Metal Alchemist's signature clothes.

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Installation : place Data into your FO4 directory or use Vortex

What is a Flamel? Quoted from FMA Fandom.

The Flamel refers to the mystical and alchemical symbol depicted as a cross with a snake or serpent draped about it, as well as detached wings and a crown above it.
It resembles and shares common origins with many ancient symbols (which it is often mistaken for), such as the Rod of Asclepius (the ancient Greek sign of medicine), the Caduceus (the ancient Greek symbol related to the god of Alchemy, Hermes ) and the Nehushtan (a Hebrew sign signifying victory over the devil). It is also one of the symbols attributed to the medieval professed French alchemist, Nicolas Flamel. The cross appears in Flamel's grave illustrations and many say to symbolize Flamel's relation to the Philosopher's Stone.

Also it is used by Edward to honor his teacher, Izumi Curtis, who wears the Flamel on the upper part of one of her arms, just like her teacher before her, Dante.