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About this mod

This mod aims to flesh out Goodneighbor and make it feel more like a bustling inner-city settlement of the commonwealth. It overhauls Goodneighbor's layout to add life and more NPC activity with new areas to explore, new interiors, vendors and new NPCs.This is a WIP.

Permissions and credits

Fully Compatible with Boston FPS Fix
Fully Compatible with Depravity (highly recommended for quality Goodneighbor content)

Fully Compatible with Neon Flats

What does this mod do?

Alters the layout of Goodneighbor, some static architecture and other objects have been altered or disabled. Adds 7 new interiors and 20+ unique NPCs, each with their own schedules and homes. New areas and rooftops to explore, and new furniture and idle markers to make Goodneighbor feel like a bustling inner-city settlement. A very basic player owned apartment is available near The Memory Den, and safe storage containers on the rooftops. There is a doctor near the front entrance, and an armor/clothing vendor located on the main floor of an apartment building. Most objects and markers have been meticulously placed, and many small details have been considered. All interiors and characters have been made with the purpose of setting up for future content.
Every character has a story to tell and a life of their own that will be fleshed out with notes, terminals and dialogue.

Apartment buildings:

An apartment building with 4 floors
of living spaces and recreational areas populated with new NPCs. The entrance is located in the alley between The Memory Den and Hotel Rexford. Ron the armor/clothing vendor has a shop in the front of the main floor. The NPCs that live here will travel throughout the areas of Goodneighbor according to their personal schedules, and other NPCs will visit and hang around.

A 3-story apartment building's rear entrance is accessed by the same alleyway and the entrance is located directly behind Hotel Rexford. This building is owned by Marowski and is home to 3 NPCs who live and work from their apartments. It is guarded by triggermen and will have content and features added with a future update.

Survivalist's House:
A 3-story townhouse that is home to a unique NPC and triggermen.

Interior Workshop:

There is a basement apartment interior workshop next to the memory den, occupying the same building as the warehouse. It's pretty basic, functions similar to Home Plate, but companions cannot be sent there. Everything within is able to be scrapped, except for the work table and large toolbox which functions as the workshop workbench.

There are new shacks, interior homes, and recreational areas along the rooftops above the Memory Den and the surrounding buildings. There are multiple stairways to access the rooftops,  and all NPCs and companions will congregate and sandbox throughout the new areas. There are 3 interior cell homes for Rufus, Fred Allen, and Fahrenheit.
The large steel shack above the alleyways has 3 linked workbenches and 5 containers marked safe for storage. These and the 2 cooking stations make up 5 crafting benches on the rooftops that are linked together and share storage.

Future Updates:

- Features and content for apartment buildings
- Notes and backstory for NPCs
- Underground sewer tunnels accessed from alleyway
 - A Butcher shop interior
 - Dialogue and quests for NPCs


 100% compatible:
Tales of the Commonwealth/Settlers of the Commonwealth
Boston FPS Fix

Goodneighbor is it's own world space and changes within do not affect the downtown Boston area. I made no edits outside of Goodneighbor, and the parts of downtown Boston surrounding Goodneighbor's walls are unaffected by this mod. This means anything that edits downtown should be compatible.

This mod is not compatible with Better Goodneighbor or Welcome to Goodneighbor. Even if they appear to play nice, all of the changes cannot be accounted for without a dedicated patch, and will probably result in CTDs or missing doors and objects.


There are 2 patches for the latest version of the mod. Make sure to PLEASE READ THE PATCH FILE DESCRIPTIONS FOR INSTALLATION AND LOAD ORDER!
Red Rocket TV's Goodneighbor Condo Player Home
Calarand's Goodneighbor Apartment

I'm open to making other patches when I can if you leave a comment detailing mods that conflict. I won't be making any patches for the other Goodneighbor overhauls, it would require a lot of time and work taking apart everything that I've spent so much time making. I can't recommend using them together as this mod already adds quite a bit.


This mod does break Pre-combined data within Goodneighbor. With 1.6 there is an alternate main file that has regenerated Pre-combined meshes/Pre-vis data included in the Ba2 archive. I've only seen a
1-2 increase in fps with this data regenerated. With my occlusion optimizations, and with the basic texture
mods listed I have listed below, my 1050ti maintains 60fps throughout Goodneighbor with
no drops at all.

I seriously recommend at least using FlaconOil ReTexture Project-Made from scratch. It is a general texture overhaul mod that improves many "background" textures that make up most of Goodneighbor. Trash piles, poster decals, objects and papers that lay around the commonwealth actually become distinguishable and add to the environment. It looks amazing, and improves performance in Goodneighbor. 2 other mods that have increased performance for me and make the game look great are Bricks Concrete and Wood Siding HD by Luxor8071, and Realistic Roads by Spiffyskytrooper. I've done extensive testing with this mod installed and these 3 texture mods seem to greatly improve performance.

I owe many thanks to Jenncave, Damanding, and Red Rocket TV for their assistance with solving issues. I would not have been able to finish this mod in it's current state without them. Also thanks to Kinggath for his great tutorials. Thanks to the author's that uploaded assets for use to the nexus, as well as the authors that allowed me to use assets from their mods, all of which are listed below. Finally, thanks to the developers of XEdit for creating such an amazing tool, and many thanks to Xatmos for the FO4 Faceripper utility!
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