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Keep Fallout from tidying up so you can loot everyone.

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There is an older mod doing the same, probably much better:

Piles of Corpses - Increased De-spawn Timer by Puma

(didn't find it with the search, so I made my own)

More Dead Bodies

It's always the same: You manage to snipe some big guy with power armor and a fat man, but on the way to the victim you get jumped by a pack of ghouls. You kill them all, but they were so many that the game
already despawned the first guy... along with his power armor, fat man and mini nuke... FFFFUUUUUUUUU.....

With this mod dead bodies should stay longer. No guarantee it will work always, but the effect is noticeable.

Too many bodies lying around will decrease the performance.

Safety Warning:
As every .esp mod, this has the potential to break your save. But I think the risk will be minimal. I created this with FO4Edit 3.1.3 and I changed only one game variable (iRemoveExessDeadCount). Uninstalling it should also have no side effects. (besides the missing plugin warning on your first load)