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Adds decorations, furniture, crafting stations and guard objects to the workshop menu. Uses Settlement Menu Manager for maximum compatibility.

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This mod adds new craftable objects to the Workshop Menu including decorations/clutter, furniture, crafting stations and guard objects. 

This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add custom settlement menu categories. This means that you don't need to worry about running a special holotape/chem before you uninstall it: just remove it from your load order and you're done.

The new menu will be added when you load into the game and located in the Main workshop menu.

What's new in 1.1?:
-Black and white furniture variations for shelves and tables
-New modern paintings
-New magazines with small benefits for your settlement
-More teddy bears
-A few gambling related items and some misc items
-More plants with color variations
-Fishing spot (chair with some fishing gear)

Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see all new additions

And be sure to give me your suggestions!

Now with an optional ESL which won't count against the plugin limit.
After installing the main file disable the .esp and enable this .esl
Please note that anything you've build using the .esp version will disappear if switching to .esl!


Settlement Menu Manager

Why Settlement Menu Manager?
The menu injection script provides maximum compatibility with mods that edit vanilla menus and it keeps things nice and tidy.
Also won't break menus when uninstalling.

Install Settlement Menu Manager and activate the plugin.
Install this mod with your mod manager or unpack mod contents into your Data folder and activate the plugin.
The menu will be added to the Main workshop menu.

Video Previews:
NEW Update 1.1:
It's a bit jittery... Still learning which render settings to use. Will update later when I know how to fix it!

Plans For The Future:
-More clutter: Gambling items, Magazines, home decor etc.
-More guard posts and crafting stations: Faction themed, clean and scrappy
-More furniture: Chairs, tables etc.
-Optional higher res textures
-Powered items: Lights, power generators etc.