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My ongoing effort to create fully functional settlements within the Commonwealth similar to those found in both Fallout 1 (N.C.R.) and Fallout 2 (Vault City)

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It always bothered me that there was never an option to build player settlements utilizing the Garden of Eden Creation Kits. These G.E.C.K.s would be found within the surrounding vaults within the Commonwealth and could be used to build secure and functional settlements. The former vault residents in Fallout 1 (New California Republic) and Fallout 2 (Vault City) used
their G.E.C.K.s to build their settlements when they emerged from their previous underground sanctuaries.

Vault City (Fallout 2)

So this mod is my further attempt to build settlements within the Commonwealth utilizing the technology of Vault Tech.

Commonwealth Settlements (G.E.C.K.):

Egret Tours Marina:

Oberland Station:

Somerville Place:

Country Crossing


This is a major expansion on my previous released mod Oberland Station Settlement (G.E.C.K.) so I decided to release this new one and start off at v1.2 to reflect the changes and additions I made (working interior lights, working fireplaces, automatic closing exterior doors, etc). If you have the
Oberland Station Settlement (G.E.C.K.) mod installed, I recommend emptying all containers (dressers, bathroom mirrors) that came with the mod first, then save and exit, delete mod then install this new one. I made changes on most of the containers adding items within them and making them so they don't re-spawn..

Thank you:

FelloutIsLife: For all his Creation Kit tutorials, including instruction and assets on how to turn lights on and off; move               settlement workshop locations..
Zorkaz: For his tutorial and help in creating static item collections.
Niston: For his suggestion and help with disabling 'previs' in cells.
Thuggysmurf: For his help in creating automatic closing doors (script).
Vanguardascendant: For his suggestions and input on how to make the settlement mod better.
Printerkop: For his much needed help and advice to make this mod look and function better.