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Wanna kill people at far ranges with efficiency and look cool while doing it ? Or even at close range and 360 the f out of people like you're an edgy teenager ? Well your search is over, because we have exactly what you need in stock !

Permissions and credits
Mod Description :

The DSR .50Cal was originally made by a German weapons manufacturer, but echoes are the US military wanted to lay their hands on some of these
It was a high powered sniper rifle that made its entry in the Commonwealth moments before the bombs dropped, thus losing it to the time that has passed. 
While having a rest at [INSERT LOCATION HERE], you came across a scavenger that claimed to "know stuff" about an ancient German weapons shipment lied somewhere in the Commonwealth, waiting to be found...

This mod aims to bring yet another weapon mod, this time in the form of a modern-day sniper rifle. Everything is scratch-made ( for now).

WARNING : To those that need their immersion, know that this rifle does not have custom animations yet.
WARNING : To those that need their lore, know that this rifle is a gift from God for now, only granted to those that know the sacred texts of the console.
Now available through levelled lists in the world too, in several factions and vendors, given the player has reached at least lvl 25.

Mod Content :

The weapon come with several attachments :
- 2 Barrels : Short / Long
- 2 Grips : Standard / Hollowed
- 4 Muzzles : Flash Hider / Muzzle Break / Suppressor / Square Suppressor
- Bipod Options : None / Folded / Unfolded
- 2 ( x3 ) Scopes : Standard ( x6, x20, x40) / Ballistic Processor Scope ( x6, x20, x40)

There are more to come as this is only an Alpha for now. I may add :
- Custom animations ( if someone's able to help me on that, i just can't do them myself) ?
- More scopes ( still need to ask permissions to use some scopes people out here already made because i'm lazy and i've not done it yet ) ?
- More barrel ( to switch to energy rifle) ?
- More muzzles ( to go with energy barrel) ?
- More skins ( camos, factions, etc...) ?
- A more lore-friendly approach as to how to obtain the rifle ? ( (midly interesting) quest to get crafting rights / levelled lists) ?
- Unique variants ?
Basically more interesting stuff to complete this mod. 

Installation :

I recommend installing with NMM, although manual installation is possible by placing the folders into  \Data along with the .esp.
Please ensure you have made the correct .INI edits.

IF you do this manually )

Acquisition :

Can be spawned in with the console by finding the Item ID [help DSR 4 WEAP] and then [player.additem {Item ID} 1] 
Now available through levelled lists in the world too, in several factions and vendors, given the player has reached at least lvl 25.

Credits :

Many thanks to ajhakra who let me use his CS5 mod as a reference for the Creation Kit part  !
Many thanks to DankRafft for the Leveled List Injector Script, saved me precious time !
Made possible thanks to Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Nifskope, Creation Kit, Fallout 4. And CoD Black Ops 2 for the original design.
Thanks to you people who make such a great community.
Ported over to Bethnet by Brillcs. Can be found at

Misc. :

As usual, remember to backup your saves before installing this mod. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs, please include as much detail as you possibly can in your bug report. Any bug reports in the comments will be ignored, there isn't a bug report tab for no reason !
Many thanks to you for the hassle of testing out !

/!\ Any animator willing to create this weapon's custom animations is gladly welcomed, hit me up in pms /!\