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Removes some lights, beams, affects, mist, smoke, decals and some moving objects to get max FPS, with all interiors and All DLC version

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Update 1.2 disables instead of deletes with both versions, should be fully compatible with any other mods and final version. 
Stops bad FPS drops and allows for smooth gameplay, boosts FPS rate, lowers VRAM and CPU usage and reduces if not stops performance related crashes.
 personally I used to use wasteland 512 and have high performance ini settings, it helps a little bit but not enough my pc will load endless textures but as soon as you put a little bit of mist and particles it just lags and locks up. This alone put an end to it, with more impact. I changed my ini's back and can smoothly run detailed shadows, higher LOD, and normal textures.
 This doesn't include "Prewar Sanctuary" if you need performance for character creation and intro from separate plugins files if you need it.
Still need more performance on top of this? recommended mods v
Wasteland 512 ba2 or Wasteland 512 (loose files) or Texture Optimization Project (loose files) and Fallout 4 Config Tool
 ^ but you should pack your own or use ba2 for better performance, loading speed ^
 My PC: Laptop Intel I7 3.2ghz, Nvidia GT555M 2gb shared video, 8gb system 1600mhz ram, 150gb SSD, Win 10.
LOOT should manage it properly but if there's conflicts you might have to move it around to get some things working.
Don't forget to update Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and F4SE after the recent game update.
 So this turned out to take allot longer than I thought, I went through and tested each area 1 by 1 so everything has been fully tested and with tons of mods. Does not break precombines and previs for compatibility and performance but as for conflicts things like fog out interiors might conflict, I didn't remove fog as it doesn't really affect my performance, if anything seems to have better performance by blurring distance textures. added settlements and everything else I've tried works fine. and I deleted no fog version if you downloaded it, sorry it was buggy and had mod compatibility issues.